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DeKay’s Sources: Team Vitality CSGO could withdraw from BLAST Moscow

Published: 9/Sep/2019 23:33 Updated: 9/Sep/2019 23:45

by Jarek "DeKay" Lewis


French Counter-Strike side Team Vitality may opt to not participate at the upcoming BLAST Pro Series: Moscow 2019.

According to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, Team Vitality are strongly considering withdrawing from BLAST Moscow. 

With less than a week remaining until the tournament, they have yet to officially add a fifth player to their roster.

Team Vitality announced during the StarLadder Berlin Major Playoffs that they had benched veteran player Nathan ‘NBK-’ Schmitt, just two days after their elimination in the quarterfinals. 

It has been reported that the options for who will replace NBK- come down to two players, Fabien ‘kioShiMa’ Fiey or Richard ‘shox’ Papillon. Should they pick a replacement immediately, it will only leave them a couple days to prepare for the event. 

DreamHackWith NBK- now benched, Vitality might not have enough players for BLAST Moscow 2019.

BLAST Pro Series: Moscow 2019 is a two day event that features six total teams and a $250,000 USD prize pool. 

Scheduled to attend the event are Team Vitality, ENCE, MIBR, Natus Vincere, NiP, and either ForZe or AVANGAR. 

The latter two teams are scheduled to play against each other for the final spot, but could both qualify should Team Vitality miss the event, according to one source.

Team Vitality won ECS Season 7 and cs_summit 4 while also finishing in second place at ESL One: Cologne 2019 with NBK- on the team. 

Their quarterfinal appearance at the StarLadder Berlin Major was their best finish at a Major since the inception of the team and organization. 


Newly added CSGO Source 2 code has players hopeful for major update soon

Published: 23/Oct/2020 4:29

by Andrew Amos


CS:GO players ⁠— it’s time to get your hopes up again. New strings of Source 2 code have been found in a recent Artifact update, and it’s got everyone hopeful that a major update is just around the corner.

Source 2 is coming to CS:GO. Or is it? At this point, the project has been greenlit, then reportedly canceled, then put back on so many times it’s hard to keep track.

CS:GO’s port to the newer Source 2 engine seemed dead in the water in July, even after speculation earlier in 2020 that it was just around the corner. Now it’s been given a new timeframe of the end of 2021.

However, for the first time in almost six months, there’s physical evidence that Valve are still kicking along with the project. New code found in one of Valve’s other titles has given players hope for Source 2 ⁠— and potentially a major update in the coming weeks.

The CS:GO Source 2 code string was found in the latest Artifact update. Valve data miner ‘GabeFollower’ shared the details on October 22. It was just a one-liner to do with shadows, but to CS:GO players, it’s something.

Given there hasn’t been any major changes to CS:GO since 2019’s Operation Shattered Web, any news is good news. However, it’s unlikely one string of Source 2 code is going to spell out a major in-game event.

It also doesn’t give players a better understanding of exactly what Source 2 will do for CS:GO.

According to Tyler McVickers of Valve News Network, Source 2 isn’t going to impact players too much. In fact, he stated that the game would be “95%” the same after the port.

“Source 2 still retains that backwards compatibility to Source 1, meaning even if a lot of the core mechanics change, ever so slightly, and upset the competitive side, the casual side — expecting ‘CSGO remade’ — will be disappointed as well,” he told players back in July.

cache csgo map
FMPONE, Twitter
Source 2 won’t really have an effect on players, according to VNN.

However, there will be some changes to how maps and models are created, as well as some bug fixes that come with fixing the old engine.

Dota 2 is already on Source 2, while elements of CS:GO like the Panorama UI use the newer engine. We will update you on everything Source 2 as new information arises.