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CS:GO: FMPONE shares new update on Cache rework

Published: 25/Jun/2019 9:03

by Connor Bennett


The creator of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Cache map, FMPONE, has shared another update on their rework and it appears that significant progress has been made. 

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Competitive CS:GO received a major shake-up on March 29, when long-standing Active Duty map Cache was removed from the pool and replaced by Vertigo. It may have been a long time coming for the previous version of Cache, considering its use in competitive play had seen quite the decline.

Even at that point, a brand new look was already in the works. The Cache rework has been hinted at by its creator FMPONE for quite some time, with their update on May 21 showing that some sweeping changes still needed to be made, and finally a new look from June 24 shows things are nearing completion.


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ValveCache had been a long-standing favorite of the CS:GO map pool.

According to the new update from FMPONE, it doesn’t look like there is too much left to be reworked. Since the last progress photo, key parts of the map like A Main, Squeaky door, and T Spawn have received a makeover. 

However, there are still some changes to be made to the other side. Aside from all the positive updates around the A site, the map creator has still yet to finish off the changes to Heaven, Sun Room, and B Halls. Considering these are vital parts of the B bombsite, it may take sometime before they are finished. 


There isn’t much work left to be done on the Cache update.
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When will the new Cache be released?

Now, as FMPONE only shares updates with ticks and not new photos of the map, it remains to be seen as to what changes have been made and how they will impact matches. 

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In previous updates to the game, maps like Inferno and Mirage have been reworked quite a bit to allow for things like new grenade spots, as well as better takes and holds on bombsites. 

Despite not having a confirmed time frame on when fans and pro players can expect to jump back into the map, it’s likely that they will have to wait until the end of this current Major cycle, which wraps up on September 8, before Valve changes the map pool again.