mousesports sweep Fnatic to win ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals – Final Placements

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16 top Counter-Strike teams made their way to Odense, Denmark and the Odense Congress Center, with the top six playing in front of a rabid crowd ay the Jyske Bank Arena for the lion’s share of $600,000 and a crucial victory in season 3 of the Intel Grand Slam.

For fans of Counter-Strike, the calendar year may be coming to a close, but the IEM Grand Slam season rolls on. Supporters tuned in and turned out for the ESL Pro League finals in the heart of Denmark for one of the final premier CSGO events of the year.

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After a month of round-robin group stage play, the ESL Pro League regular season sent eight European teams, six North American teams, one from Oceania, and one from Asia to duke it for the brand new ESL Pro League trophy.

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For a handful of teams that consider themselves top-tier, Odense was a rough outing. North’s chances of playing in front of a home crowd were squandered early, after a round 1 loss to Team Liquid and then a lower bracket loss to ATK. G2 Esports, MIBR, and FaZe Clan all found themselves gone early too, getting bounced in the second lower bracket round.

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G2 and North were both sent home by ATK, a relatively unknown American/South African hybrid roster whose impressive play was a pleasant surprise to fans watching, until they met a buzzsaw in the surging mousesports.

Mousesports’ were red hot in Odense, as Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen sought to lead his team to a title in front of his countrymen. After a group stage loss to Liquid, mous responded with four straight series wins to get to the grand finals. This included capping off a quarterfinals with a 16-0 rout against Evil Geniuses, and a semifinals victory over Astralis and the Danish crowd.

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They met Fnatic, who were on their own hot streak as well. After a round 1 bludgeoning at the hands of EG, Fnatic won five straight series to make the final.

mous and Fnatic traded rounds throughout Inferno, before mousesports finally pulled away in the final rounds to take the first game 16-11. Mousesports carried their momentum into Train, as they only allowed Fnatic to pick up one T-side round and took a two map lead 16-10. They wasted no time in putting the clamps on Fnatic and eliminating the notion of a comeback, taking Mirage 16-11 to claim the title.

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ESL Pro League Season 10 Final Placements

Place Prize Money Team Roster
1st $250,000 (and IEM Katowice 2020 spot) Mousesports chrisJ, ropz, karrigan, woxic, frozen
2nd $80,000 Fnatic Brollan, JW, KRIMZ, flusha, Golden
3rd/4th $40,000 Natus Vincere flamie, s1mple, electronic, Boombl4, GuardiaN
3rd/4th $40,000 Astralis Magisk, xyp9x, gla1ve, dupreeh, device
5th/6th $20,000 Team Liquid Stewie2k, EliGE, Twistzz, nitr0, NAF
5th/6th $20,000 Evil Geniuses Brehze, stanislaw, tarik, Ethan, CeRq
7th/8th $17,000 100 Thieves AZR, jks, jkaem, Liazz, Gratisfaction
7th/8th $17,000 ATK JT, motm, oSee, floppy, Sonic
9th-12th $15,000 FaZe Clan rain, NiKo, olofmeister, coldzera, broky
9th-12th $15,000 MIBR FalleN, Taco, fer, Lucas1, kngV-
9th-12th $15,000 G2 Esports kennyS, JaCkz, AmaNEk, nexa, hunter-
9th-12th $15,000 Renegades dexter, DickStacy, malta, Sico, INS
13th-16th $14,000 TYLOO somebody, BnTeT, Summer, Attacker, Freeman
13th-16th $14,000 Heroic es3tag, stavn, b0RUP, Snappi, cadiaN
13th-16th $14,000 Sharks Esports exit, jnt, meyern, Luken, leo_drunky
13th-16th $14,000 North aizy, Kjaerbye, gade, JUGi, cajunb

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