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Evil Geniuses eliminated from ESL CSGO playoffs in horrifying 16-0 loss

Published: 6/Dec/2019 22:47

by Scott Robertson


The Evil Geniuses’ Counter-Strike roster suffered from one of its most embarrassing losses in the quarterfinals of the ESL Pro League playoffs against mousesports. EG were unable to produce a single round, and were eliminated from the tournament as a result of the shutout.

For Evil Geniuses, their chances of repeating success at an ESL event were just thoroughly and decidedly nuked by mousesports.

The North American roster came into third map having already been tested by the international mous roster. They withstood a thrashing on the first map and were forced to take the second map (their map pick of Inferno) into overtime.

In that overtime map on Inferno, they had to rally back from what should have been a back-breaking ace on the AWP from Özgür ‘woxic’ Eker, but somehow EG pulled it off to force map three.

But in expending all of their energy just to keep their hopes alive in the series, Evil Geniuses might have inadvertently emptied all of the gas in the tank headed into the third and final map on Nuke. At least the suffering didn’t last too long, taking less than half an hour for mous to roll over EG.

As is typically seen in 16-0 matches, no one player on the victorious mouseports side stood out the most. In-game leader Finn ‘Karrigan’ Andersen was the only player on the mous side not to at least double his kills.

While not as impressive as his AWP ace on Inferno, woxic did tally a couple more highlight plays in the rout on Nuke, including a vital hold in the 16th round after the bomb plant, and another impressive multi-kill round on the AWP.

For Evil Geniuses, the end they met on Nuke was the nail in the coffin for North American hopes of winning the ESL Pro League finals. Both NA teams were eliminated on Friday, with Team Liquid getting bounced convincingly by the still resurging Fnatic team, 2-0.

EG’s Bulgarian AWPer Cvetelin ‘CeRq’ Dimitrov summed up the shutout bluntly after getting out-dueled by woxic. “Yikes ?.”

For the victorious mousesports, they move on to the semifinals, where IGL karrigan will face his former teammates in Astralis. The Danish leader was powered by the home crowd advantage against EG, but he’s unlikely to retain that support from the crowd against the all-Danish lineup.

Astralis are no strangers to playoff dominance themselves, having rolled over FaZe Clan 16-0 on Dust2 in the semifinals of IEM Beijing.


Jamppi to Valorant? VAC banned CSGO pro considering switch following legal proceedings

Published: 15/Jan/2021 12:58 Updated: 15/Jan/2021 13:00

by Connor Bennett


A new report from a Finnish newspaper has suggested that VAC banned CSGO pro Elias ‘Jamppi⁠’ Olkkonen is considering a switch to Valorant as he steps down from ENCE. 

For a few year, Jamppi has been considered as one of Counter-Strike’s biggest rising stars. The 19-year-old was set to join the OG roster following their step into CS:GO, however, that move fell through.

The problem is, the Finnish star has a VAC ban to his name, so, he can’t play in CS:GO’s premier events – the Majors – even though a number of tournament organizers have allowed him to play in their own events.

With him and his family contesting the ban, Jamppi joined ENCE in the hopes that, at some point, he’d be able to play at Majors. However, there have been a few missteps in his argument, and he hasn’t come any closer to having the VAC ban taken away. That, alongside some roster turmoil with ENCE, has got him seemingly considering his options.

Jamppi was VAC banned in 2015 at the age of 14.

According to a report from the Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat, the 19-year-old is apparently considering a switch to VALORANT as ENCE considers a number of roster moves.

It comes after a report from DBLTap’s Jarek ‘DeKay’ Lewis stated that ENCE were in discussions with Danish duo Marco ‘Snappi’ Pfeiffer and Thomas ‘TMB’ Bundsbæk about joining up with their active lineup alongside Aleksi ‘allu⁠’ Jalli, Joonas ‘doto⁠’ Forss, and Tuomas ‘SADDYX⁠’ Louhimaa.

That, ultimately, leaves Jamppi without a spot as the CS:GO 2021 season starts to ramp up in preparation for the PGL Stockholm Major in October.

CS:GO pro Jamppi in ENCE interview
ENCE TV, YouTube
Jamppi is considering a switch to VALORANT, according to reports.

If he decides to go to VALORANT, as IS reports, Jamppi would join a list of other CS:GO pros who have been banned from playing at a Major – including Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan and Braxton ‘Swag’ Pierce.

As for where he could go, well, there are a few teams who would certainly make space for the 19-year-old – especially if he could show as much promise in the Riot Games shooter as he does in CS:GO. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.