CSGO streamer topguN raged in the most Austrialian way possible - Dexerto

CSGO streamer topguN raged in the most Austrialian way possible

Published: 13/Sep/2018 9:01 Updated: 18/Dec/2019 13:53

by Matt Porter


Renegades streamer Azad “topguN” Orami was caught raging while broadcasting on Twitch – but not in a way you would expect!

Orami was playing ranked matchmaking on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when the hilarious moment happened. Playing on the Counter Terrorist side of Dust2, topguN tried to peek through the doors in the middle of the classic map, but got picked off by an enemy sniper using an AWP.

The Australian was clearly frustrated with his death, whipping off his headset to cries of “There he is. There he f*cking is!” in his broad accent.

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TopguN wasn’t finished there. He immediately bent down, picked himself up a beer, and proceeded to chug the whole thing, while his teammates were still attempting to win the round!


The Renegades streamer clearly enjoys an alcoholic beverage, drinking the whole bottle in 10 seconds. Orami finished his drink with a shout of “Hoorah”, before comically mumbling “I missed you” to the empty bottle.

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Live streams are a great way to catch hilarious moments like these as they happen. Last week, League of Legends streamer Gross Gore accidentally spilled water on his keyboard, sending it haywire as it posted continuous streams of nonsense into the chat of his ongoing match.

While chugging a beer is a hilarious way to react to a death, we’re not sure we would recommend it if you’re trying to win matches!