New CS:GO Update Addresses the FACEIT London Major Footstep Bug

Ross Deason. Last updated: Sep 11, 2018

Valve have released a new update for CS:GO that is small in size but should mean that the ongoing FACEIT London Major is improved massively.

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One of the biggest stories to come out of the Major’s first week of competition was that numerous players were falling foul of an audio bug that prevented footsteps from being heard.

A number of teams and players complained about the issue, both privately and on social media, and the general consensus was that the problem was not being caused on FACEIT’s end, but was instead a glitch in the build of CS:GO being used at the event.[ad name=”article2″]

While Valve have not openly confirmed that there was a mistake on their end, the one only aspect of the minor patch, which was released late on September 10, appears to be a direct fix:

“Added a server setting “mp_footsteps_serverside” which is enabled by default and switches footsteps near the player from using a mix of client-simulated and server-authoritative to purely server-authoritative.”

Other than the server side footsteps fix, there are no further patch notes for the new update. However, it does look like the Pick’Em game has been updated ahead of the New Legends Stage of the Major.

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While the fix comes too late for some teams that were eliminated in week one, it will still be a welcome addition when the action begins again on September 12.

The New Legends Stage will be the first time that the reigning Major champions, Cloud9, and the seven other returning Legend teams will take to the stage.

The first match will see the French side of G2 take on HellRaisers.