CS:GO: October 2 update patch notes – New Cache, Mirage updates

Published: 3/Oct/2019 1:02 Updated: 3/Oct/2019 2:05

by Brad Norton


The latest update to the Valve’s marquee FPS title Counter-Strike, has seen a massive shakeup for the overall map pool.

In Valve’s October 2 update the Scrimmage Matchmaking playlist map pool was shifted slightly, with Cache added to the host of options in the more casual mode.

Furthermore, Mirage has also finally been added to Scrimmage Matchmaking. The Moroccan-based map has been one of the most popular Bomb Defusal options in the game since 2013.

The arrival of Cache and Mirage to the scrimmage pool hasn’t affected both maps’ availability in the title’s competitive playlists yet either, Valve confirmed with the update.

Therefore, you can expect to see the old variant of Cache in your competitive sessions ahead of the expected release of the newly redesigned Cache on October 10.

Valve Corporation - Counter-StrikeA look at the latest rework to Cache

The reworked Cache map was first teased at ESL One New York 2019 late last month, with the CSGO community given their first glimpse at the new design. 

Fans have been hotly anticipating the revamped model after the map was first pulled from competitive playlists in March 2019, and it seems the wait won’t last much longer.

The October 2 update also saw two maps shifted out of the scrimmage playlist, with both Breach and Ruby pulled from CS:GO to a certain extent. Breach has only been removed from Scrimmage Matchmaking, while Ruby has been “removed from official game servers” entirely.

Many community members have also speculated that Mirage’s addition to the more casual playlist could herald its removal from the comp pool in the near future.

“I wonder if Mirage being added to Scrimmage indicates it may be the one removed from the competitive map pool to make room for Cache,” Reddit user Gnud speculated.

It remains to be seen whether Mirage will be the next map to depart from the competitive playlists, however this theory could certainly come to pass in the very near future.

Now live throughout the competitive Counter-Strike landscape for one final week, the older version of Cache will likely be replaced by the latest redesign on October 10.

You can watch an insightful clip from the map designers themselves here to learn all about what changed in the recent redesign. Feedback from pro players has also been taken into account with the latest changes.

You can read the full list of patch notes below.

CS:GO update for 02/10/19 – Patch Notes

– Mirage and Cache are now available for Scrimmage Matchmaking
– Breach has been removed from Scrimmage Matchmaking.
– Ruby has been removed from official game servers.

– The X-Ray P250 Package is now available for purchase. This package contains a single custom painted P250.
– The French one-time exclusive non-tradable P250 | X-Ray weapon has been converted to Genuine Quality.
– Updated dedicated servers Steam client library to the latest version.
– Added ‘New’ Settings tab that highlights recently added or changed game options.


Juggernaut vs Colossus: How Cloud9 shocked Complexity @ Blast Fall Showdown

Published: 2/Dec/2020 20:39

by Alan Bernal


The head-to-head between Complexity’s reformed Juggernaut and Cloud9’s Colossus was a matchup the CS:GO community were waiting to go down, and their clash at the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown didn’t disappoint.

The hype around HenryG’s C9 was just starting to take shape with matchday results. But many saw their match against a Complexity side who had already booked a trip to the Blast Global Finals in 2021 as the Colossus’ first real test.

Backed by IGL Benjamin ‘blameF’ Bremer, Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke, and latest addition Justin ‘jks’ Savage, the Juggernauts were seen as favorites against the new Cloud9 roster.

Complexity managed to take the first map off of impressive clutch moments and a more cohesive structure in navigating Cloud9’s Nuke pick. Something that is expected from a core lineup who’s been together for a year.

C9 didn’t start the series with a win, but they did show an aggressive T-side that got them up to 10-5 after the first half. But Juggernauts hit back even harder when it was their turn to attack, only giving up three rounds on their way to a 16-13 win.

The rest of the series saw the premier headlines shine: Özgür ‘woxic’ Eker’s AWP against his old team, IGL’s blameF and ‘Alex’ McMeekin masterminding plays, and star players Patrick ‘es3tag’ Hansen versus jks.

The matchup resulted in a shocking upset win for C9, but the duel formed a new narrative around the two storied orgs who are embarking in their next eras.