Dupreeh blasts fans as a “disgrace” for poor sportsmanship at ESL One NY

ESL / StarLadder

After a thrilling, terrific back-and-forth CS:GO series between Astralis and Team Liquid in the semifinals of ESL One NY, Astralis star Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen laid into the fans in attendance for their behavior.

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The so-far standout series of the ESL One New York tournament ended on a sour note – but it wasn’t because of the crowd being disappointed in the finish, which saw home crowd favorites Team Liquid get eliminated after an incredible map on Overpass. Instead, it was because dupreeh was disappointed in the fans.

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After the series, dupreeh took to Twitter to express his thoughts on how members of the crowd chose to interject themselves in the match.

“It’s still soooo disappointing from the fans that you can hear them call out our positions,” he wrote. “Just pack your stuff and never come back if you’re going to ruin it for everyone.”

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Discussions on reddit have revealed several instances during the series where the crowd was yelling out information beneficial to Team Liquid.

User KoniginAllerWaffen wrote, “You could hear it AND see Liquid players react,” with user @Aelos03 replying with, “I’m convinced Astralis lost at least three rounds on Dust2 because of crowd alone, and hearing some idiot yell through [the] casters’ mic made me cringe.”

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KoniginAllerWaffen even suggested a way to combat the issue: “At this rate they should start looking at removing people from the event for doing it.”

The players on stage were not in soundproof booths as they have been in events like the Berlin major, and it’s been widely discussed and agreed upon by the community that soundproof headsets alone don’t drown out the sound of the crowd.

ESLAstralis celebrate their victory over Team Liquid
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The issue of crowd interference via sound has been an issue plaguing the CS:GO scene for a number of years. Some are of the opinion that that crowds should know better and not do that, while others believe that the crowd can’t really be stopped – so it falls on the tournament organizers to solve the problem.

The Barclays Center crowd was already lukewarm on Astralis before and after they beat Team Liquid. After this – and if Astralis faces the North American darlings in Evil Geniuses in the grand finals – the crowd may be even louder.