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CSGO Inferno update allows players to actually play tic-tac-toe in-game

Published: 11/Jun/2020 6:52

by Andrew Amos


Arguably the most game-breaking CS:GO change of the June 10 patch was left out of the notes. No, it’s not some hidden balance update ⁠— Valve has made the tic-tac-toe board in Inferno’s T spawn completely functional.

We are truly in the 21st century, and the technology has finally arrived. The tic-tac-toe board in Inferno’s T spawn was once just a feature players could stare at while waiting for each round to start.

However, Valve has added extra functionality into CS:GO that now allows players to use the board for its intended purpose. Yes, that’s right ⁠— you can now play tic-tac-toe.


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If you wanted to use the tic-tac-toe board properly on Inferno, you’d have to spend a whole magazine carving out naughts and crosses. You could use sprays, however then you’d have less to use to BM your opponent. However, the update has made it a simple process needing just one bullet to play.

You don’t need to use sprays or dump a whole magazine to play tic-tac-toe on Inferno anymore.

The game recognizes when two players are playing, and automatically assigns them a side. They then shoot on the tile they wish to play on, and a naught or a cross will appear. Once the game finishes, the board will reset after a short timer.


It’s unclear as to whether you need to be on opposite sides for it to work, however it’s a fun little game you can play with friends when mucking around.

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The clip shared by CS:GO Twitter fan-favorite ‘DonHaci’ has gone viral since the release of the update, garnering thousands of likes and retweets.

While it’s probably not advisable to play on the board during a competitive game, maybe winning a cheeky game could help boost your confidence before setting out into the round.

The changes weren’t listed in the official patch notes, although Inferno did actually receive some proper changes in the June 10 update. Some visual clutter was removed, and some lighting changes were made in mid.


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Five other maps also received major changes in the latest update to help boost contrast and clarity, including Dust 2 and Mirage. A new “Boost Player Contrast” setting was also added, helping you spot out your enemies more easily.