CSGO caster Launders denies ex-girlfriend’s allegations of assault

Calum Patterson
Launders at Northern Arena event

CS:GO caster Mohan ‘launders’ Govindasamy has responded to allegations from his ex-girlfriend Melanie ‘Passionite’, who claims that he had sex with her without consent when they were in a relationship in 2017.

On June 24, Melanie shared the story of the alleged assault and a handful of screenshots of text messages between the pair. She claims that she had been in physical pain and so refused his advance, but that Launders ignored this rejection.

On June 26, Govindasamy shared his response, denying that he had ever had non-consensual sex with Melanie throughout their relationship.

Their relationship began in 2017, when Launders was 26 and Melanie 18. In her Twitlonger, she claims: “I didn’t want to have sex one day (I wasn’t feeling well). We both agreed the night before, and again the same day. we were sitting on his black futon when he started touching me. I told him directly to his face I did not want to have sex.

“His response was ‘I don’t care. I want it now.’ The look he gave me was terrifying.”

Launders responds to allegation

Although Launders does not address the specific incident raised by Melanie, he explains that he first heard her make the accusation after he said he was calling the police to check up on her, due to threats of suicide.

“I told her directly that I would call [the police] if she didn’t seek professional help. This is when she accused me of sexually assaulting her. She has not mentioned it since. I would like to make it very clear that I take the issue of consent very seriously, as I did throughout our relationship and I believe that every time we had sex, it was consensual.”

He claims that the allegations she made on June 25 follow a “pattern” of behavior, where she makes “false” accusations or threaten to hurt herself “to stop me from calling the police.”

Concluding his response, Launders says: “I take responsibility for my lack of judgment in instigating the relationship. She was young and was dealing with mental health problems.

“I wanted to help her but it should also have been clear she wasn’t ready for a relationship. She needed a friend who could help her get the medical assistance that she needed, not the additional stress of a partner.”

The allegations are just one of many in the past two weeks, which have seen countless streamers, developers, esports talent, and industry figures accused of various transgressions, covering the entire scale of harassment and assault.

Some of the biggest names caught up in serious allegations include YouTuber Syndicate, another CS:GO caster HenryG, and Dota personality TobiWan. Both Syndicate and HenryG have denied the allegations.