Counter-Strike 2’s Overpass remake is filled with cheeky jump spots

Jeremy Gan
Overpass remake in cs2

Counter-Strike 2’s Overpass remake is filled with cheeky jump spots harkening back to the days of Olofboost. 

As Valve gears up for Counter-Strike 2’s allotted summer release, devs have been showcasing many of their new additions coming into the game in the closed beta. And one of the previously teased additions was the newly remade Overpass. 

As players got to try out the newly revamped Overpass in the July 17 patch, players got to work. Tearing apart the map for all the new changes, and potentially new jump spots that can gain them an advantage. 

Of which, as many players soon found out, the revamped Overpass is filled with cheeky jump spots which almost harkens back to the infamous Olofboost.

In a compilation video uploaded by a player on the CSGO subreddit, they showcased a variety of jump spots that let players get sightlines from areas they normally shouldn’t.

One of the more advantageous jump spots is one on A short where a player jumps off from a radiator onto a ledge. And from there, a player can jump to take a look into the B site, giving them an enormous advantage.

Another jump spot is one near water, where a player can get boosted and stand on a lamp, giving them an incredibly good off-angle for any enemy players looking to come through a squeaky or short tunnel. And it even gives good sightlines of heaven and walkway.

Many of the jump spots seem to mostly be localized around the B site, with a spot in A long and another in A short. 

Any old-school fan of Counter-Strike would know that Overpass and cheeky jump spots do not have a good history with each other.

Olofboost would come to mind, when Fnatic’s Olofmeiter used a cheeky jump boost to gain an advantage in their semifinals match against LDLC. They would use it to win the map and series in controversial fashion, only to bow out of the tournament, allowing LDLC to take the Major trophy.