Counter-Strike 2 servers still run at 64 ticks while FACEIT reveals 128 tick

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Counter-Strike 2 Servers

Counter-Strike fans have been crying out for Valve to ditch their 64 tick CS2 servers following a disappointing Sub-Tick update and FACEIT announcing 128 ticks.

Counter-Strike fans have continued to play and experiment in the CS2 beta, as a further update has given even more players access to the highly anticipated CS:GO sequel.

The iconic FPS series has been widely praised for its improvements following the previous Global Offensive game, with players soon realizing that aiming in CSGO was seemingly broken in comparison.

Although, something that has been long criticized of the franchise amongst the CS community is the servers, and more precisely their tick rates. Former pro player and popular streamer n0thing slammed CSGO in 2019 for its lack of 128 tick rate servers, which many believe to provide the smoothest gameplay. 

With CS2 being released 11 years after its predecessor, it was widely expected by the community that these 128 tick rate servers would be introduced.

However, this has not been the case and despite the developers’ efforts to introduce a new Sub-Tick server update system for CS2, one player has pointed out that the servers still remain at the previous 64 ticks.

CS2 servers remain at 64 ticks while FACEIT reveals 128 tick

A Reddit user posted a screenshot from the server logs inside the game to the GlobalOffensive subreddit

It shows Counter-Strike 2’s matchmaking servers to still be running at 64 ticks, compared to the popular third-party competitive platform of FACEIT, which has revealed their servers to be 128 ticks.

Many highlighted their frustrations, “I really like CS2’s new Matchmaking but this is going to drive me back to FACEIT,” One said.

“Wait so you are telling me basically the entire reason people have waited to play this new version for years is just not a thing?” Another said.

“For real. This was one of the big reasons I was hyped by CS2,” a user said.

Tick rates determine the rate at which the server updates the game, therefore the higher the tick rate the faster the game is updated. Many believe this provides a much smoother gameplay, which can prove vital when trying to accurately hit that round-winning flick shot.

Valve’s Sub-Tick update for CS2 was therefore aimed to give players a tick boost when players needed it during particular in-game movements in order to bridge the gap.

With Counter-Strike 2 still being in the beta testing phase and the full release expected to be imminent, it is not certain if Valve will backtrack on its Sub-Tick system in the future to adopt the widely favored 128 tick rate servers.

Pro player s1mple has also been figuring out the game, where he has revealed all of the best settings he is using in the CS2 beta.

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