Counter-Strike 2 invincibility exploit makes players unkillable on Nuke

Calum Patterson
nuke cs2

Counter-Strike 2 is still in its limited-test beta, and for good reason, as numerous bugs and glitches are being ironed out – one of the most egregious yet being an invincibility exploit, causing players to take no damage.

Although the beta’s most outrageous exploit so far was the ability to turn on wallhacks through a simple console command (which was quickly fixed), the addition of Nuke to the CS2 beta has led to an exploit almost as powerful.

Nuke is the newest map to make get its shot in the beta, as Valve tests out each competitive level on its own, to get as much feedback as possible before the official release.

Well, there is at least one major bug that will need fixed – the ability to take no damage.

CS2 door exploit makes players invulnerable

Showcased by Counter-Strike streamer Austincs, the glitch involves a partially open doorway. Previous maps in the test, Mirage and Dust2, do not have dynamic doors, so it was only when Nuke was added this was discovered.

Standing in the ‘squeaky’ door on the entrance to A site, if the door is ajar, but blocked by the player model from closing, it appears to make the player’s hitbox disappear.

As Austin demonstrates, two enemies shoot right at him, but land 0 hits.

Laughing at the poor enemy team’s confusion, Austin was able to rack up two of the easiest kills possible, securing the round.

It’s certainly clear that Counter-Strike 2 is not ready for full release yet, but Valve has been making frequent, almost weekly updates to resolve obvious glitches, so this invincibility exploit should be fixed sooner rather than later.

After this, we can expect more maps to be added to the test, such as Overpass and possibly Inferno. However, the test itself is still very limited, with a tiny percentage of players given access.

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