Counter-Strike 2 players spot return of rare CSGO bug as weapons deal absurd damage

Jeremy Gan
Counter-Strike 2 gameplay image

Counter-Strike 2 players are experiencing the return of a rare CSGO bug that allows weapons to deal far more damage than intended, one even shooting fully armored players through walls. 

Now nearly a month into Counter-Strike 2’s full release, players are discovering a plethora of bugs that have riddled the game early on. From glitched hitboxes to AMD’s Anti-lag+ feature giving false bans, and of course, some wild peak exploits as well.

And another bug, that once previously existed as a rare occurrence in CSGO, appears to have now made its way into Counter-Strike 2. 

According to player reports across the Counter-Strike forums, you can now get one shot with a Scout through a wall, despite having full armor and health, even if the round only hits your body. 

In a post made on the CSGO subreddit, a player showed off this bug in effect, getting one shot by a Scout despite it being impossible in that situation. The player tried to check the console to see how much damage it dealt, however, that feature was removed. 

In fact, another commenter also shared a clip of them experiencing the same bug, which according to the kill, led to their death via a wallbanged bodyshot despite having full health and armor.

Others in the replies also pointed out that the USP, a free gun for CTs, could also pull off this glitch. This bug is a recurring problem with CS, with a similar bug happening two years ago in CSGO. Although, the bug was quite rare. 

The explanation for that bug was that the bullet must’ve penetrated the wall and hit the neck’s hitbox, however, it then clipped into the head. But the game’s kill feed didn’t show a headshot.

It’s unknown if the reasoning is the same for CS2’s version of the infamous bug.

Valve has been pushing more updates over the past few weeks to eliminate as many bugs for a smooth IEM Sydney 2023, the first CS2 LAN event, so it’s likely this bug will be fixed in no time.