Counter-Strike 2 in-game command literally gives players wallhacks

Counter-Strike 2 characters covered with red boxValve

Popular Counter-Strike streamer Erik ‘fl0m’ Flom was left stunned after being shown a console command that gave him wallhacks in CS2. Though, Valve are aware of it. 

After weeks of hype and expectation that had been built up by the community, Valve finally revealed Counter-Strike 2 on March 24, as they launched their limited beta phase. 

CS2, which will eventually replace the popular CS:GO, has seen the first-person shooter switch over to the Source 2 engine. This allows for better-looking maps, brand-new grenade mechanics, and even new audio cues for guns and everything else. 

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As the game is in its beta phase, there are naturally some issues. Players have reported that some skins and other cosmetics are a bit busted, and there have been teething issues with the new grenades. Though, fl0m has managed to go one step further than all that. 

CS2 beta has console command console for wallhacks

The longtime Counter-Strike player, who competed under the Luminosity and Mythic banners, managed to find a console command that gave him wallhacks. Yes, that’s right, a console command for wallhacks. 

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It happened during his March 28 stream, as some viewers urged him to type in a console command to highlight objects. Though, by changing the number at the end, it threw a green box around players – much like a wallhack or aimbot would. 

Even though he was dead and it didn’t help him, fl0m was still pretty stunned by the find. “No dude. No way this command is just in the game,” he said. 

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Thankfully, he noted that a Counter-Strike dev was watching along, and was ultimately aware of the command anyway.

“The devs have it and are already aware. No reason to hide. More people that see it the better so people are aware,” he replied to one fan who asked why he’d shown off it. 

Given that Valve is alert to it, don’t expect to see this impacting games for long. Plus, it is a beta after all, there are plenty of kinks to iron out.

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