Game-breaking Counter-Strike 2 bug sees random elements invade CS2 maps

Jake Nichols
Counter-Strike 2 map issueX: Rade1gx

Counter-Strike 2 players are experiencing a game-breaking bug that sees elements from the popular Mirage map spawn inside other maps, obscuring vision and impacting gameplay.

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) by Valve has had its fair share of bugs and issues since its release on September 27. Despite the massive graphical improvements and a complete overhaul of some maps, the game has been criticized for an “underwhelming” launch, with many veterans feeling that it lacks essential features that were found in CS:GO.

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And now, one particularly concerning game-breaking bug has emerged, causing elements of the Mirage map to spawn inside other maps like Ancient, Anubis, and Inferno, impacting visibility and gameplay.

While the elements are not solid objects — and players can simply walk through them — they are still obscuring vision and making rounds unplayable.

The community is puzzled about what’s causing the bug to surface. No one seems to have a decent answer, and yet the replies are filled with other players sharing footage of similar issues.

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And it’s not the first bug to pop up since launch, either, as players reported being unable to surrender matches unless all five team members are present. This bug treated players who had left as if they abstained from voting, refusing to let the team surrender. This has since been patched in CS2’s September 29 update.

Earlier, another surrender-related bug would end the game immediately and count as a loss if only one player voted to surrender, regardless of the majority voting not to surrender.

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Many longtime CS:GO players have slammed CS2 for being worse in many aspects compared to CS:GO. Counter-Strike content creator Anomaly criticized Valve for CS2’s release state, pointing out the missing maps, modes, and other features that CS:GO had.

Anomaly’s thoughts were echoed by many in the community, calling the game’s release “underwhelming.” Some players feel as if they were forced into testing CS2 rather than being able to choose to play a beta, discovering niche gameplay issues with mechanics like boosting not working properly.

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While CS2 has already achieved remarkable success, peaking at over 1.3 million players, the community has been left baffled by the presence of game-breaking bugs and the absence of key features.

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