WoW cosplayer leads the Horde with stunning Sylvanas cosplay

WoW Sylvanas cosplayBlizzard Entertainment, Instagram: @neko.mance

Sylvanas Windrunner has become one of World of Warcraft’s most recognizable faces after WoW: Shadowlands dropped, but one cosplayer has brought her into reality with a stunning cosplay. 

While World of Warcraft’s extensive universe has introduced some of gaming’s most iconic characters to the world, Sylvanas Windrunner has become one of WoW’s most famous faces.

Between her antics in both The Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands, the Banshee Queen has a knack for causing chaos. Despite this, though, redemption may be on the way in the newest Shadowlands expansion, Chains of Domination.

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Just in time to celebrate the new content patch, cosplayer Clare ‘Nekomance‘ has decided to strut her stuff as the Forsaken archer.

Cosplayer WoWs with beautiful Sylvanas

Blizzard Entertainment
Sylvanas is at the heart of all things Shadowlands.

Seen taking to the snow, Nekomance’s rendition of the iconic character isn’t something to smirk at – not that you’d smirk at Sylvanas anyway.

Everything is perfect from head to toe. Those iconic High Elf eyebrows protrude just as Sylvanas’ do, and match her flowing blond hair perfectly. Coupled with those signature banshee tears, she really is channeling the anguish of the undead menace.

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Additionally, her armor and bow have been beautifully recreated to include every little detail. From the swirling inlays carved into the bow and adorning her body armor, to the huge skulls on her shoulders, everything is flawless.

The arrows embedded deep in the snow are also a unique touch, as the deadly weapons have become so synonymous with the character herself.


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As we draw ever closer to the release of Chains of Domination, we can’t wait to see if Nekomance creates any more WoW cosplays.

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It would be great to see an Alexstrasza, or even a Redeemed Sylvanas if our favorite Dark Lady somehow manages to persuade Azeroth to acquit her of her crimes.

Until then, though, she’s leading the horde into battle with this amazing cosplay!

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