Witcher 3 cosplayer expertly recreates Ciri’s Sauna outfit

Calum Patterson
Cosplayer and Ciri from the Witcher 3

As Witcher cosplays go, Ciri is probably the most popular character, even more so than Geralt or Yennefer, but that just means cosplayers have to get more creative with their designs.

Although typically seen as a fierce fighter and mage, cosplayer Ria Stark decided to do a more intimate outfit for Ciri, foregoing the usual armor and weapons.

Witcher 3 players may recall the one time in the game when Ciri changes outfits, after she is rescued in a small hamlet in Skellige, and the villagers treat her to their natural sauna.

Ciri in the Sauna in the Witcher 3
Ciri in the mission ‘The Calm Before the Storm’

It’s the only time when Ciri is truly vulnerable, and of course, the Wild Hunt are there to attack. Stark, known professionally as Stoma Cosplay, chose this as the outfit to don for her recreation.

Although you could argue that this is a simple version of Ciri to put together, the attention to detail still has to be spot on. It also helps that Ria already bears an uncanny resemblance to Ciri naturally.

But, the hair is near identical, and the distinctive scar on her cheek completes the look. Dark eye shadow is also a signature of Ciri, who seemingly always has the time to apply it in-game.


The hair isn’t actually the cosplayer’s own though, but rather wig created by professional Wig designers WigIsFashion, who focus on wigs for cosplays especially.


This more understated cosplay of Ciri isn’t as extravagant as some of the more complex ones we’ve covered, but it captures her face perhaps better than any.

A close up also reveals the detail achieved with her cat-green eyes, although it’s unclear if these are contacts or effects added to the images after.

Ria Stark has also tried her hand at understated looks for Triss and Yennefer, though we think her Ciri is definitely the best so far. You can check out more of her work on Instagram and Facebook.

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