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League of Legends cosplayer rules the roost as vastayan rebel Xayah

Published: 2/Jul/2020 8:56 Updated: 2/Jul/2020 10:38

by Isaac McIntyre


A League of Legends cosplayer has gone viral after sharing her perfect take on the sassy ADC champion Xayah. The artist’s confident, powerful Season 7 bot laner cosplay will leave you seriously impressed.

Xayah first debuted on Summoner’s Rift in early 2017. The League of Legends marksman was released alongside her ever-present lover Rakan, and the two quickly soared to the top of the metagame as a dynamic bot lane duo.

Although the vastayan revolutionary has fallen behind over-tuned power-picks like Varus and Ezreal in recent patches, Xayah has always been a fairly popular choice for anyone looking to win some LP in League of Legends solo queue.

Xayah has been one of the top ADC picks in League of Legends since her release alongside lover Rakan in 2017.
Riot Games
Xayah has been one of the top ADC picks in League of Legends since her release alongside lover Rakan in 2017.

It’s no small surprise then that veteran cosplay artist Zahlia picked the bot laner for her next LoL outfit, and what a perfect take it is! The artist, as well as photographer Moondust, caught all the sassy confidence of bird-like warrior Xayah in stunning detail.

Zahlia unveils stunning Xayah cosplay

Ells perfectly depicts the champion’s bright purple hair perfectly, capturing just the right hint of red beneath the deep-dyed locks. She also got Xayah’s vastayan ears just right too; they can be seen poking out of the heroine’s cowl.

No Xayah cosplay would be complete without her “Deadly Plumage” either. The League ADC uses her feathers as deadly ranged weapons in every match on the Rift, and Zahlia has come armed with five of her own. They all look razor-sharp and as dangerous as ever.

Perhaps the best details of Zahlia’s cosplay, however, is the way she’s captured Xayah’s face so perfectly. The lady warrior has two purple streaks that mark her pale white face, which Zahlia seems to have put together with ease.

Ahri and Riven join the perfect Xayah cosplay

Xayah seems to have been an obvious pick for Zahlia to pull off considering how well she’s knocked the vastayan warlord out of the park, but the ADC wasn’t the first League character she’s brought to life with a cosplay recently.

On March 30, the cosplay artist unveiled her stunning take on Ahri, complete with the mage’s red robes and white ears. Last year she also did a photoshoot as top laner Riven, though this one was the popular ‘Battle Bunny’ variant.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Zahlia’s cosplays in the future, you’re in luck; the model has already revealed her next outfit will be Motoko Kusanagi from the mega-popular Ghost in the Shell anime series ⁠— keep your eyes peeled for that!


My Hero Academia cosplayer camouflages herself as picture-perfect Froppy 

Published: 25/Oct/2020 7:00

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Froppy is an incredibly popular hero in My Hero Academia, but although she’s loved and adored by many, one cosplayer has taken it to the next level with a flawless cosplay.

Tsyu Asui, better known as Froppy due to her amazing and versatile frog quirk, is a fan-favorite in My Hero Academia. She’s smart, strong, and can do anything a frog can do. Naturally, that makes her the perfect hero in missions that involve water and deep-diving.

However, although her abilities are awesome, fans love her personality more than anything else. Froppy is honest and sincere, which makes her a little blunt at times, but in a good way. 

Froppy is also cool, calm, and collected in most situations. She follows the morals and principles that are most important to her. Recovery Girl described her as a “perfect pillar of emotional support.” It makes sense, considering she acts as a maternal figure in the class and is often the voice of reason.

My Hero Academia Froppy Cosplay
Viz Media
Tsuyu Asui, better known as Froppy, is a good friend and ally to her classmates in My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia cosplayer Jane Vindom wanted to show her favorite character some love. She slipped into an incredible Froppy cosplay, and it left thousands of followers on her Instagram speechless.

“Hippity, hoppity your heart is now my property!” she said. “Froppy from BNHA cosplay! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!” Truth be told, if they weren’t already, her cosplay would brighten their day.

Jane Vindom strikes a curious pose, and it shows off all the best parts of her outfit. The costume is brilliant, from the shade of green and the yellow and black stripes to the white gloves and chunky wrist-piece.

The hint of green in her hair, the make-up around her eyes, and the frog-goggles are on point too. It all comes together and round off into one of the best Froppy cosplays we’ve ever seen. Here’s a second image that shows off the belt, which couldn’t be seen in the first.

The belt includes what appears to be green gems, exactly like the costume in the show. The only thing that’s missing is Froppy’s tongue. But to be fair, how could anyone pull that off? It’s twenty-meters long and strong enough to lift multiple people.

Jane Vindom’s pieced together a wonderful Froppy cosplay. It’s one that other My Hero Academia fans and cosplayers will be sure to love. But the best part is, she wore it well too.

My Hero Academia is currently in-between seasons, but the next one is set to launch in mid-to-late 2021.