Valorant cosplayer blows away the competition with fire Raze outfit

Published: 13/Jun/2020 16:37

by Joe Craven


A cosplayer known as EloFtw has stunned fans of Riot Games’ new FPS Valorant with an incredible Raze outfit, perfectly capturing the casual look the agent dons. 

Valorant has captivated fans in both its beta and full game, introducing a whole new FPS world for players to delve into. One of the most crucial aspects of Valorant is its list of characters, a series of agents that boast unique skills and abilities.

Raze is one of the game’s most popular agents, known for the aggressive and fast-paced play-style her character encourages. She is one agent whose abilities are primarily based on dealing damage: her Paint Shells and Showstopper.

Riot Games
Raze’s kit is one of the best in Valorant.

Away from her kit, she is known for her creative character design – the kind that was always going to inspire cosplays and community art.

On June 10, one cosplayer – ‘EloFtw‘ – shared their recreation of the aggressive Valorant agent. The trademark vest and headphones are recreated to a tee, as is the agent’s nonchalant but threatening demeanour.

“Paint check, charges check, brakes… nowhere in sight,” Ellie captioned her awesome cosplay. The casual outfite manages to blend her relaxed aesthetics with her character design.

It quickly garnered a lot of attention on Twitter, racking up thousands of likes. Although Riot has said they won’t be adding skins for the Agents, their base outfits are creative enough.

A game as colourful and uniquely designed as Valorant was always going to inspire incredible looks, and this one is no different. It joins this brilliant Sage cosplay we shared back in April – an agent Twitch streamer Pokimane also perfected.

With Valorant’s life cycle just getting started, we can expect to see many more incredible cosplays in the near future.


Kill la Kill cosplayer stuns as Studio Trigger heroine Ryuko Matoi

Published: 2/Dec/2020 20:01 Updated: 3/Dec/2020 3:50

by Brent Koepp


A Kill la Kill cosplayer made waves on Instagram after sharing her true-to-life take on protagonist Ryuko Matoi. The artist transformed into the anime heroine with an insanely accurate costume.

Kill la Kill exploded onto the anime scene in 2013, and took viewers by surprise with its over the top story and break-neck speed animation. The Studio Trigger show became an instant hit, and is still influential years later.

A talented cosplayer celebrated the series, by bringing its protagonist Ryuko Matoi to life. The artist’s faithful re-creation is so accurate, it’s almost as if the fierce heroine has slashed her way out of the screen.

Screenshot of Kill La Kill protagonist wrestling with her school uniform.
Studio Trigger / Funimation
The anime’s protagonist has to take on living clothes.

Kill la Kill cosplayer’s perfect Ryuko Matoi

The anime wastes no time and opens up with Ryuko discovering the death of her father. Following the clues left behind, the strong-headed protagonist enrolls in Honnōji Academy to find the killer who destroyed her family.

Cosplayer ‘kawaiitsu‘ made waves on Instagram by bringing the heroine to life with an incredible costume. Photographer ‘lina_fk‘ captured the artist posing in the heroine’s navy-blue sailor uniform while wielding a prop of Matoi’s iconic red scissor blade.

In the story, the outfit is actually a living creature called Senketsu. Kawaiitsu faithfully created the entity’s eye in the form of the red and yellow patch which sits under her left collar.


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In another shot posted to social media, the cosplayer gave viewers a closer look at how she captured Ryuko’s signature look.  The artist mirrored the protagonist’s blue shoulder-length feathered hair, and even dyed one of the bangs that hang over her face red.


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Despite releasing almost a decade ago, Kill la Kill still continues to be a fan favorite. Studio Trigger’s fierce protagonist has become a beloved character that cosplayers love to bring to life.

While there has so far been no talks about a second season, fans can experience the story with new cutscenes in the 2019 fighting game IF. The Bandai developed title lets players relive the series like never before.