Valorant cosplayer literally brings Sage to life with incredible outfit

. 2 years ago
Instagram/ehri/Riot Games

Twitch streamer ‘Ehri’ unveiled an extremely well-crafted cosplay of Valorant’s supportive Sentinel Agent Sage, and it’s safe to say that the internet is loving it.

The Valorant beta has been a major success for Riot Games, with their tactical FPS pulling in big numbers both on Twitch and in active users. With an impressive lineup of Agents right off the bat, cosplayers like Ehri decided to get in on the action.

In posts on Twitter and Instagram, the streamer showed off her take on Sage – and it looks as if the Agent was ripped right from the game and thrown into real life.

Riot Games
Sage has some healing and slow abilities.

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One thing that separates Ehri from other cosplayers is the number of digital alterations she openly makes in her creations, and she does a pretty stellar job of it.

Everything from Sage’s metal pauldrons to her sleek hairstyle is nicely recreated, including her bright teal earrings.

Teal and purple are a central theme of Sage’s design in the gam,e and Ehri took it upon herself to add these bright colors to the Agent’s white uniform in all the right places.

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To finish off the ensemble, she donned Sage’s belt and even edited in an Orb, which is an essential part of the support’s kit in the game.

While a lot of people were impressed with the cosplay, Ehri felt the need to chime in after some people on Twitter appeared to take issue with the fact that her photo was edited.

“My ‘cosplay’ photos are edited, it’s pretty obvious and I’m always very open about it,” she clarified.” This is the style of how I make my content. I like the way it looks. some people view what I do as digital art, some see it as cosplaying.”

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“The way you perceive it is entirely up to you,” she added. While some people may think she’s disrespecting actual cosplayers, the streamer addressed those concerns, too. “Cosplay can be really difficult. but just because what I do is created in a different way doesn’t mean it should be sh*t on.”

If you enjoyed this take on Sage, Ehri isn’t done here, either: On her Instagram, she noted that she’s currently working on Viper, but she’s going to need a little bit more time to get it just right.

We can’t wait to see what she has in store with more Valorant Agents, especially as more and more get added to the game over time.

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