Sword Art Online cosplayer takes aim with amazing Sinon costume

Andrew Amos
Instagram: ayleen.heavensky / A-1 Pictures

Italian cosplayer Ambra Ferrante has jumped right into the anarchical world of Gun Gale Online with an amazing cosplay of Sword Art Online character Asada Shino, more commonly known as Sinon.

Sinon is one of the most revered characters from Sword Art Online. The gun-shy Asada Shino jumped into Gun Gale Online to become one of the VR game’s best snipers, and became friends with the main cast along the way.

Her trademark blue hair and green jacket can be spotted from a mile away, and although she’s known for being cool, calm, and collected, sometimes she can get a bit riled up.

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A-1 Pictures
Sinon (left) was introduced into SAO during the GGO arc.

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Piling all that personality and flair into a cosplay is tricky, but Ferrante managed to do that with a brilliant re-enactment of Sinon’s GGO attire. Her entire costume from head to toe looks handmade and to scale of the original. After all, it’d be pretty hard to find a jumper just like Sinon’s in any old shop.

She also put some effort into getting the hairstyle just right too. While its a wig, the styling ⁠— down to the two pins on the front ⁠— is absolutely flawless.

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Ferrante topped off the GGO Sinon cosplay with a replica of Sinon’s rifle. The PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II also looks to be created from scratch by the cosplayer themselves, and it puts the cherry on top of this immaculate cosplay.

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Ferrante has demoed this cosplay at numerous events in the past, and it looks to be a fan favorite. It’s one of the most true-to-life representations of Sinon that we’ve seen.

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If Sinon isn’t your style, she has done a cosplay of Asuna in the past too, creating the Flash’s armor from scratch and completing it with her own Lambent Light.

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SAO isn’t the only franchise Ferrante has adapted into real life. She has done numerous other designs from other popular anime.

From Evangelion’s Asuka, to Violet from Violet Evergarden, Ferrante has replicated some of the genre’s most recognizable characters. Check out her Instagram to see if she’s done one of yours.

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