The Legend of Korra cosplayer stuns as the next Avatar

Virginia Glaze
uniquesora, Instagram / Nickelodeon

With Avatar: The Last Airbender getting released on Netflix, fans of the classic Nickelodeon franchise are coming out of the woodwork to celebrate their favorite childhood cartoon — and cosplayer ‘uniquesora’ is one of them.

The Legend of Korra is a sequel series to The Last Airbender, picking up 70 years after the events of the first show.

As hinted by its title, The Legend of Korra follows the next Avatar, Korra, who originates from the Southern Water Tribe — a character that quickly became a favorite among fans of the series for her unique design and charming moxie.

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Although The Legend of Korra was met with mixed reviews among fans, cosplayer ‘uniquesora’ showed her love for the series with a breathtaking cosplay of the show’s titular character.

Cosplayer and Avatar fan ‘uniquesora’ used the opportunity of the original show’s induction to Netflix to show off her own take on Korra’s design from Book 4, and it’s safe to say that she nailed it.

Uploading a side-by-side comparison to Instagram, it’s easy to see the level of detail that was put into Sora’s cosplay, with everything from Korra’s fur-lined shawl wrapped around her waist to the emblem on its front.

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Even Korra’s short hair was perfectly styled, as is her signature, athletic-looking top and blue sleeves.

However, it’s Sora’s unique look that truly brings the character to life, giving the camera a stern look that belies Korra’s fierce personality. It was as if she was ripped from the television screen and dropped right into the real world!

“Honestly, this cosplay means so much to me, and is one of my favorite cosplays to do, ever,” Sora said of her costume. “I love Korra as a character, and even though the show may not be some people’s favorite, I really felt it end strong in the last two season!”

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This isn’t the only Avatar character she’s put her talents into recreating, either; Sora also showed off The Last Airbender’s Korra in her Firebender outfit, providing a stunningly accurate take on a unique moment from the beloved show.

Having cosplayed a slew of characters from multiple cartoons, anime and video games, Sora is a popular cosplaying personality for a reason, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with next.

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