Spider-Man No Way Home cosplayer shatters multiverse with amazing outfit

Lauren Bergin. Last updated: Dec 21, 2021
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Spider-Man No Way Home simultaneously shattered the multiverse and box office ratings alike, and in order to celebrate the return of The Avengers most mischievous member, one fan has created the perfect Spider-Man cosplay. 

If there’s one movie that has been on everyone’s lips in December, it’s Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Taking the world by sandstorm (get it?) and leaving fans in awe, the lovable webhead has even swung into Epic Games’ Fortnite and has been snatching the Victory Royale crown ever since.

It turns out that Peter Parker hasn’t just dominated the entertainment sphere, as Californian cosplayer and long-time fan, Kitty, has taken to the streets in a stunning Spider-Man cosplay that will have those pesky villains flocking back into the shadows where they belong.

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Marvel’s latest Spider-Man movie has taken center stage ever since release.

Amazing Spider-Man cosplay saves the day

As soon as the film was announced, Kitty knew that she had to don her super suit and get ready for battle alongside the hero of the hour himself. “I chose Spidey because he’s been my favorite superhero ever since I was a kid, growing up with the Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man really helped shaped my love for Spider-Man.”

“I always felt Spider-Man was always relatable,” she told Dexerto. “Having two identities was always an interesting aspect of Spider-Man having to deal with the struggles of being a hero and being a teenager dealing with life in general.”

Noting that she “thought No Way Home was an absolutely phenomenal movie,” she confesses that” I felt that there was never a dull moment throughout the film, which is why No Way Home is absolutely my favorite Spidey film so far.”

This cosplay has to be one of our absolute favorites, too. Donning that iconic No Way Home black and gold suit whilst dropping into each of Spidey’s signature poses, Kitty truly embodies everything Peter Parker stands for – mischief, mayhem and, of course, unflinching morality.

While she notes that she purchased this cosplay from herostime, she states that “this cosplay was difficult in terms of money, seeing as I didn’t make this I had been saving up money to buy this suit. It was pretty expensive in comparison to my other cosplays I’ve bought or made, but I felt it was worth it because it was a character I was really passionate about.”

That passion has been amped up even further after watching No Way Home. ” I felt that the maturity and character development for Peter Parker was missing in the previous films of MCU’s Spider-Man until No Way Home provided a great opportunity for Peter to learn and grow from his mistakes. The performances of each actor/actress really helped pull the story together.

“All in all this film is a really amazing movie filled with many lovable characters with an interesting take on things as a Spider-Man film! I highly recommend everyone watch it with little to no spoilers to experience it like I did!”

As Kitty continues to entangle Marvel’s most fearsome faces within her webs, we can’t wait to see which hero (or villain) she transforms into next!