Spicy Dune TikTok cosplay fits right in with Zendaya and the Fremen

zendaya with a dune cosplayUniversal / TikTok

The hype from Dune hitting the big screen and its potential sequels are off the charts right now, and that’s translating into the creative space of cosplay. 

The first movie, which was released on October 22, laid the groundwork for an expected series of Hollywood blockbusters, inspired by the works of Frank Herbert.

It focuses on the journey of Paul Atreides, as his family moves to Arrakis only to find a set of ‘sand people’ called the Fremen. Included in that initial group is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, who takes on the role of Chani.

Cosplayers are always looking for the next big trend to jump on, to put their creativity to good use – and Dune is next in line.

TikTok Dune cosplay blows fans away

dune sand wormDune / Universal
Dune’s deserts are a risky place for even the Fremen, with deadly sand worms waiting to strike.

As desert dwellers, the Fremen have a distinct look, based on their need to survive the harsh conditions of the sand and blazing sun.

Over on TikTok, one cosplayer in particular – called armoredheartcosplay1, who has nearly 40,000 followers on her account and 240,000 followers on Instagram – has absolutely nailed the style.

The clip below shows off many elements of the recreation, and as you can see, she looks film-ready to join the Fremen.

(If the TikTok below does not load, click here.)

Unlike many other cosplays you will see on the internet, this one has been expertly crafted as a short video teaser – almost like something you would see in the movie itself.

Included in the outfit is the dark Dune stillsuit, complete with the mask that transfers recycled water from the body to a tube so it can be drunk in the desert.

In the TikTok comments, the cosplayer revealed how they made it: “And if anyone was wondering, yep I made this! Foam, dowels, microsuede fabric and lots of brain melty patterning!”

One user replied: “That’s incredible. Frank Herbert’s Dune is my favorite novel and this stillsuit is a masterclass in movie costuming. Extremely well done.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.