Sailor Moon cosplayer enchants enemies as stunning Usagi Tsukino

Sailor Moon next to CosplayerNetflix / Toei Animation / Instagram: @tiffanyswaan

A Sailor Moon cosplayer made waves on Instagram after sharing her jaw-dropping Usagi Tsukino cosplay. The artist’s incredible transformation into the heroine will leave fans of the classic anime in awe.

Despite making its debut in 1992, Sailor Moon is still one of the most beloved animes of all time. Decades later, the classic Toei Animation series continues to captivate viewers with its vibrant cast of characters.

Cosplayer ‘tiffanyswaan‘ celebrated the show’s main protagonist Usagi Tsukino by bringing her to life with an insanely accurate re-creation. The artist looks so much like the character, it’s almost as if she’s jumped out of the screen.

Sailor Moon Crystal Usagi TsukinoNetflix / Toei Animation
The Sailor Moon character is one of the most iconic anime protagonists.

Sailor Moon cosplay brings Usagi Tsukino to life

Cosplayer tiffanyswaan shared her stunning true-to-life take on the anime heroine in a series of posts on Instagram. In one photo, the artist re-created Usagi Tsukino’s transformation into her alter ego Sailor Moon by posing in her signature hero uniform.

Tiffany’s incredible depiction of the classic anime outfit is full of details, from the giant red bow on her neckline to her sparkling blue skirt. Her clever use of sequin-like material on her costume captures the sparkle effect often featured in the show.

The talented cosplayer also re-created Tsukino’s iconic golden hairstyle, which is no easy feat. Just like the anime, her split bangs sit above her eyes while her two flowing ponytails frame her face as they fall across both of her shoulders.


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In what could easily be mistaken for an official image from the manga, Tiffany mirrored Sailor Moon’s pose from the show while holding a life-size prop of her Moon Stick in a second picture.


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Sailor Moon isn’t the only anime series tiffanyswaan has re-created, either. The skilled artist has dressed up as popular characters from series such as One Piece and Naruto.

Those interested in seeing more of her cosplays can check out the rest of her work over on her Instagram here.