Marvel’s Black Cat cosplayer claws enemies as Felicia Hardy

Marvel Black Cat next to CosplayerMarvel / Instagram: @tinechan

A Marvel Black Cat cosplayer went viral on Instagram after transforming into Felicia Hardy. The talented artist brought the Spider-Man superhero to life with her stunning recreation. 

Originally making her debut in the 1979 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel’s Black Cat has become one of the series’ most beloved characters. The cat burglar is so popular that Sony and Netflix have even had plans to give the master thief her own movie.

Popular cosplayer Tine Marie Riis celebrated the iconic Marvel hero with her insanely accurate costume. The talented artist’s detailed portrayal looks so much like Felicia Hardy, it’s almost as if the villain has clawed her way out of the comics.

Marvel Black Cat Felicia HardyMarvel
The Spider-Man character has become of Marvel’s most beloved heroines.

Felicia Hardy brought to life with stunning Black Cat cosplay

Cosplayer Tine Marie Riis brought the Marvel protagonist to life in a series of pictures on Instagram. In an August 16th post, the artist posed in the character’s iconic black leather bodysuit. Her faithful recreation of the uniform even depicted the white fur that runs across the edge of her neckline.

Tinechan creatively captured the dual nature of Felicia Hardy’s personality and her alter ego, Black Cat, by pairing off two photos side by side. The artist depicted the heroine with and without her mask, while mirroring the Spider-Man villain’s mysterious personality.

Speaking to Dexerto, Tine explained that her cosplay had been years in the making as she was a fan of the Marvel heroine since her childhood. “I have always been fascinated by Black Cat ever since I was little. Her mysterious confident personality drew me to her, not to mention she’s badass!”


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The cosplayer gave us a full view of her Black Cat recreation in a second selfie shot. Just like her bodysuit, her depiction of Hardy’s accessories, such as her boots, is full of details.

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As for what’s next for the cosplayer, Tine Marie Riis told us that her next project is an “updated version of [her] K/DA Popstars Kai’sa from League of Legends.” She is also working on a tutorial for creating Pokemon Gym Leader Misty’s hair – which sounds pretty epic!

Those interested in the rest of her cosplays should check out her Instagram here. Tinechan has depicted characters from many popular series such as My Hero Academia and The Legend of Zelda.