Pokemon Trainer Marnie shows who’s boss in fierce Sword & Shield cosplay

Brent Koepp

A talented costume designer showed off her insanely accurate Marnie cosplay, bringing the Sword and Shield character to life with a fierce take on the Pokemon trainer.

Pokemon Sword & Shield dropped in November 2019, and saw players exploring the Galar Region as they battled their way through the game’s story to become the ultimate champion.

On the player’s journey to become number one, they are challenged by a rival named Marnie, and a cosplayer has shared her true-to-life costume of the popular character that will be sure to wow fans.

The Sword & Shield rival has quickly become one of the most popular characters in the game.

Cosplayer brings Sword & Shield’s Marnie to life

In the eighth generation installment of the beloved RPG, players encounter a second rival named Marnie. The Dark-Type trainer that heralds from Spikemuth has quickly become a fan favorite.

Cosplayer Steff Von Schweetz shared her costume of the Pokemon character, faithfully recreating her parted black and white hair, as well as her iconic black leather choker and jacket.

The talented artist also portrayed the trainer’s signature pose that she does right before engaging in battle, as her black pointed fingernails hover over her Pokeball.


Steff shared more shots of her costume on Instagram, collaborating with photographer Jon York who perfectly captured the cosplayer as she transformed into the Sword & Shield rival.

The amount of details that went into her outfit is incredible, from the signature brows, to the pleated pink dress – she even added the metal studs to the bottom of her garment.


Taking her cosplay to the next level, Steff also uploaded a video of her teaming up with ‘moderatelyokaycosplay‘ who has an insanely true-to-life outfit of Marnie’s brother Piers, bringing the two Spikemuth siblings to life.


Since releasing in 2019, Pokemon Sword & Shield has become the fastest selling Switch title of all time, moving over six million units in its opening weekend alone.

The popular Nintendo property has continued to smash in sales, as Japanese gaming outlet Famitsu announced in January that it now holds the record of being at the top of their charts, dethroning Pokemon Diamond & Pearl which had the honor previously.

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