Pokemon cosplayer haunts Alola region as chilling Mimikyu

Ghost Pokemon Mimikyu next to Cosplayer.The Pokemon Company / Instagram: @kitsune_ravenwing

A Pokemon cosplayer made waves on Instagram after sharing their spine-tingling Mimikyu cosplay. The artist’s stunning take on Sun & Moon favorite will give fans chills. 

Despite only making its debut in 2016’s Sun & Moon, Mimikyu has quickly risen to become one of the most popular characters in the Pokemon franchise’s 25-year history.

Cosplayer Melanie Rodriguez celebrated the Ghost-type by bringing it to life with her adorable costume. The artist’s recreation is so good, it’s almost as if the Alolan ‘mon has warped out of the screen.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Mimikyu.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The shy ghost Pokemon continues to be popular with cosplayers.

Mimikyu cosplay brings popular Pokemon to life

Cosplayer kitsune_ravenwing shared her mind-blowing depiction of the Gen VII character in a series of posts on Instagram. In one photo, the artist posed in her stylish re-creation of the Pokemon’s iconic cloth-sack costume.

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In the series, the Ghost-type hides under a pile of rags that are meant to mimic the shape of a Pikachu. Melanie cleverly captured this by wearing a hoodie version of the outfit while capturing the ghost’s shadowy form with her flowing black hair.

Speaking to Dexerto, Kitsune revealed that her fiance helped her create the cosplay in 2020 as an anniversary gift and explained why she loves the Alolan ‘mon. “I related to how Mimikyu only ever wanted to make friends and felt like it had to blend in, despite being something it’s not, in order to find acceptance.”

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Speaking on why Pokemon fans such as herself can’t get enough of Mimikyu, Melanie told us, “Mimikyu brings a lot of joy to people without realizing its true worth and I’ve had a lot of people tell me how I’ve done the same for them, also through my novels (I’m also a YA fantasy writer).”

As for what the artist will work on next, Melanie Rodriguez revealed that she is creating several Nintendo-themed cosplays. “I’m a huge Nintendo nerd, so my next few cosplay plans include a few characters from Fire Emblem and Legend of Zelda.”

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Pokemon isn’t the only popular franchise she has covered, the insanely talented artist has also re-created characters from anime shows such as My Hero Academia as well. Those interested in the rest of her works can check them out on her Instagram here.