Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl cosplayer challenges Sinnoh League as Dawn

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Screenshot of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl trainer Dawn next to cosplayer.
The Pokemon Company / Instagram: @rakukoo

A talented cosplayer celebrated Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s announcement by bringing Gen IV protagonist Dawn to life. The artist’s accurate take on the Sinnoh region Trainer went viral on Instagram. 

Pokemon players around the world were overjoyed when it was revealed on February 26 that the series is returning to the Sinnoh region with Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl on the Nintendo Switch. The remakes have put a spotlight on the classic Nintendo DS titles once again.

Since its reveal trailer, fans can’t seem to get enough of the title’s female protagonist, Dawn. Popular cosplayer ‘rakukoo‘ went viral on social media after sharing her true-to-life take on the iconic heroine. The artist looks so much like the character, it’s almost as if the Trainer has jumped out of the screen.

Screenshot of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl trainer Dawn waving to Ash Ketchum in anime.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Diamond & Pearl protagonist has been thrust back into the spotlight with the 2021 remakes.

Pokemon cosplayer becomes Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s Dawn

While Gen IV technically has two protagonists players can choose from, Dawn has become a fan-favorite from the Game Freak RPG over the years. The quirky heroine was even heavily featured in the anime series as a friend of Ash Ketchum.

Prolific cosplayer rakukoo went viral after bringing the beloved Sinnoh character to life in an Instagram post uploaded on February 28. The talented artist shared her insanely accurate take on the character to celebrate her return to the franchise in the freshly announced Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl remakes.

Rakukoo absolutely nailed every aspect of Dawn, from her flowing blue-gray hair to her iconic cream white beanie. She even adorably mirrored the protagonist’s stance from the game by holding a plush of Sinnoh starter Piplup in one arm, while gripping a Poke Ball in the other.


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A post shared by 洛洛子 (@rakukoo)

In a second shot, the cosplayer gave viewers a full look at how faithful her costume is to the 2006 RPG. The artist recreated Dawn’s pink-pleated skirt as well as her signature red scarf which drapes around her neck.


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A post shared by 洛洛子 (@rakukoo)

While not every Pokemon fan is sold on the Diamond & Pearl remakes’ art style, the community is excited to finally revisit the Gen IV title over 15 years later. In fact, players have been begging Game Freak for a remake for decades.

Trainer Dawn will again take center stage as fans will play as her in the 2021 Nintendo Switch RPG. The character has seen an explosion in popularity as she is introduced to a whole new audience again with the Sinnoh reimaginings.

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