Overwatch cosplayer goes viral as sharpshooter Widowmaker

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Overwatch Widowmaker Cosplay
Instagram: @supersailorvirgo / Blizzard

A talented Overwatch has gone viral on social media after transforming herself into Widowmaker with an incredible home-made outfit.

Overwatch’s heroes and villains all have interesting personalities and backstories. However, Widowmaker’s is particularly tragic. Once upon a time, she was married to an Overwatch agent who led operations against Talon. 

But eventually, she was kidnapped, tormented, and reconditioned into a deadly assassin. Her philosophy is “one shot, one kill,” and she uses a sniper rifle, as well as mines and gas, to eliminate her enemies.

Widowmaker is the number one choice for players who fancy long-ranged combat. However, she’s popular among cosplays too, who are drawn towards her unique appearance and sinister beauty.

Widowmaker in Overwatch
No heroes in Overwatch are better at long-ranged combat than Widowmaker.

Elle, better known as Sailor Virgo Cosplay, is one of those people. She has a whopping 45,000 followers on Instagram, and they can’t get enough of her magnificent repertoire of cosplays.

For one of her latest pieces, she confessed her love for Widowmaker’s design and created her own cosplay from scratch using various materials, bodypaint, and contact lenses. It captured every detail, from the pink and purple outfit and skin to the massive sniper rifle, futuristic helmet, and neon-yellow eyes.

“Introducing, the Overwatch assassin: Widowmaker,” she wrote. “I’ve always loved her design. It’s a little weird, I guess, to relate to an emotionless assassin… but she also used to be a ballet dancer – and like – same.”

“So, maybe my next career path will be an Assassin? Do I need to have a degree in that, or maybe just a portfolio? Really proud of how this turned out, even though it’s not perfect! Hope ya like it!”

If you rummage through the comments, you’ll see fans describe it as amazing, awesome, and incredible – and they’re spot on.

It’s a fantastic piece from top to bottom, and she even managed to capture the overall assassin vibe in her expressions.

All in all, Elle’s cosplay has already pulled around 4,000 likes, which is insane. People know an extraordinary cosplay when they see one, and they’ve stumbled upon an absolute gem with this piece.