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Overwatch cosplayer sparkles with stunning Atlantic Mercy look

Published: 17/Feb/2021 17:35

by Lauren Bergin


It’s safe to say that Mercy has become one of Overwatch’s most cosplayed characters. The Swiss doctor has won the hearts of many a player, but her 2019 Overwatch League Atlantic All Star skin has been recreated with this amazing outfit.

When it comes to Mercy, the Overwatch world has truly fallen in love. The iconic angel inspired doctor has become a staple in both pro play and casual games, coming to save us every time that we end up in danger.

We’ve seen her transformed into a steampunk version of herself just dripping in darkness, but one of her most iconic skins is her 2019 All Star Skin. It’s pretty rare these days, but the lunar inspired blue and purple aesthetic make it stand out from the pack.


Hoping to channel her inner sparkle is this cosplayer, who has recreated the beautiful design just in time for Blizzard’s 30th anniversary.

Blizzard Entertainment
Atlantic Mercy was a limited edition All Star skin that dropped in 2019.

Insane Overwatch Atlantic Mercy cosplay

Just in time for Blizzard’s 30th anniversary, Instagram cosplayer Tiffany Gordon has brought back her beautiful recreation of the healer’s All Star skin.

Seen sporting the aquamarine and lilac armor that make the skin so iconic, every detail on the outfit is perfect. From the color transitions to the ornate midnight inspired designs that decorate the armor, every little detail is meticulously designed.

What’s even more striking are the black and purple wings, however. Still mechanical but also incredibly ornate, the skin’s iconic lavender hue glows brightly against the midnight metal that forms the bones of the wings.


Finally, there’s Mercy’s Caduceus staff. Looking as though it was forged in the heart of a dying star, the gun metal and cyan combo come together to create beautiful contrast. Mercy herself would be proud of Tiffany’s creation!

With close to 4 thousand likes and a whole host of positive comments, this stunning cosplay has certainly won the hearts of Overwatch fans everywhere.

It’s great to see that, despite everything going on around us, creativity still flourishes and people still support it. We can’t wait to see what other cosplays Tiffany comes up with next. She’s already done 9 Blizzard cosplays, so one more can’t hurt right?