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Overwatch cosplayer puts her own brilliant spin on D.Va

Published: 28/Feb/2021 0:00

by Bill Cooney


One cosplayer’s take on Overwatch’s cutest tank: D.Va is getting tons of love on social media — and it’s not hard to see why.

Hana ‘D.Va’ Song is arguably the most well-known and cosplayed characters from the Overwatch roster. In addition to piloting a giant combat robot, she’s also a stylish esports star.

She definitely has her own unique style too, with her jumpsuit and bunny logo being a common theme anytime the topic of Overwatch comes up, and cosplayers have also used them to make the hero their own, including shellanin on Instagram.

Shellanin went all out, with the fully accurate jumpsuit and even a pair of white gloves, just like Baby D.Va. The headgear is also on point, and she even included the pink whiskers on her face, a detail that often gets overlooked.


On top of all that, there’s no wig involved — that’s the cosplayer’s awesome hair, making this a unique take on the hero. Thanks to those awesome curls, Shellanin has come up with a look few others could pull off.

Hana will have a new look come Overwatch 2, but we haven’t seen any traces of it yet. This means we’ve had the same base character for more than four years, and this cosplay shows just how accurate a good one of D.Va has to be.

No take on the tank would be complete without her deceptively deadly Bunny Blaster sidearm, and an official Overwatch NERF gun does a great job in Shellanin’s case.


Not only does she look the part, but this is one D.Va cosplayer who’s gotten all of the mannerisms down pat as well. In a video posted along with the cosplay on Instagram, she fires off so many voice lines and poses that even Ms. Song herself would be impressed.

We might have a while longer to wait for Overwatch 2, but with awesome cosplays like this to keep us entertained until then, the wait might not be so bad.