Overwatch cosplayer creates incredible bunny version of D.Va

Georgina Smith
Cosplayer nymphahri as D.Va from Overwatch

Fans of the game Overwatch and one of its most popular characters have been wowed by a talented cosplayer who did her own take on a bunny-themed D.Va to match her classic logo.

Overwatch is popular not just for its action-based gameplay, but also for remarkably fleshed out cast of playable heroes, each with their own personalities, backstories, and special abilities. This makes them perfect for cosplayers to test their skills on.

One stand out character of the bunch has been D.Va, former pro-gamer in Korea turned mech pilot. Her bright aesthetic and fierce battle skills landing her among some of the most popular characters in the game.

D.Va remains one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes.

Her signature logo is a pink and white bunny, and cosplayer nymphahri took this aesthetic to the next level by adapting D.Va’s regular skin into an adorable bunny version, looking every bit the part of the bright mecha pilot.

Nymphahri’s leotard is an indigo blu, lines with a fluffy white trim, along with two cute bows attached to the top of each leg in D.Va’s usual pink color.


Around her neck is a thick white necklace, another statement bow with the classic bunny cutout attached to the middle, the soft pink matching with the ribbons on her legs showing her acute attention to detail.

The awesome cosplayer has kept with D.Va’s trademark face paint, four pink triangles that sit on her cheeks, and tie in her rosy makeup together in a way that looks practically animated.

And to top it off, attached to her headphones are two huge bunny ears that are again lined with white fluff, making her the spitting image of D.Va’s own logo.

The stunning cosplay is a fantastic recreation, and will certainly reignite fans wish for an actual D.Va bunny skin in-game.

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