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Overwatch cosplayer creates incredible bunny version of D.Va

Published: 15/Oct/2020 17:43

by Georgina Smith


Fans of the game Overwatch and one of its most popular characters have been wowed by a talented cosplayer who did her own take on a bunny-themed D.Va to match her classic logo.

Overwatch is popular not just for its action-based gameplay, but also for remarkably fleshed out cast of playable heroes, each with their own personalities, backstories, and special abilities. This makes them perfect for cosplayers to test their skills on.

One stand out character of the bunch has been D.Va, former pro-gamer in Korea turned mech pilot. Her bright aesthetic and fierce battle skills landing her among some of the most popular characters in the game.

Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va remains one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes.

Her signature logo is a pink and white bunny, and cosplayer nymphahri took this aesthetic to the next level by adapting D.Va’s regular skin into an adorable bunny version, looking every bit the part of the bright mecha pilot.

Nymphahri’s leotard is an indigo blu, lines with a fluffy white trim, along with two cute bows attached to the top of each leg in D.Va’s usual pink color.

Around her neck is a thick white necklace, another statement bow with the classic bunny cutout attached to the middle, the soft pink matching with the ribbons on her legs showing her acute attention to detail.

The awesome cosplayer has kept with D.Va’s trademark face paint, four pink triangles that sit on her cheeks, and tie in her rosy makeup together in a way that looks practically animated.

And to top it off, attached to her headphones are two huge bunny ears that are again lined with white fluff, making her the spitting image of D.Va’s own logo.

The stunning cosplay is a fantastic recreation, and will certainly reignite fans wish for an actual D.Va bunny skin in-game.


League cosplayer comes out from the shadows as amazing Akali

Published: 23/Oct/2020 8:05

by Andrew Amos


Ever seen a League of Legends cosplay so good that Riot can’t help but share it with the world? Well, now you have, with Sweet Angel’s take on Akali taking League players by storm.

Akali is one of League of Legends’ most popular characters to cosplay. Whether it be her default skin, or the mega-popular K/DA variant, people love to show off as the Ionian assassin.

However, few manage to grab the eyes of Riot as much as Sweet Angel. The talented Italian cosplayer decided to take on Akali as her most recent project, and while the costume looks simple, it was anything but.

Riot Games
Riot Games
Akali is one of the most popular League champions to cosplay, but few catch the eyes of Riot.

“I thought it was a simple costume, but it required a lot more attention and time than I thought,” she told fans on her website.

It took Sweet Angel about 100 hours all up to create the Akali cosplay ⁠— and you can see every bit of hard work and time that went into it. From the handmade wig, to the dress, and even Akali’s smoke bombs, Sweet Angel didn’t miss a beat.

Everything that you see was basically handmade. Sweet Angel sewed all of the fabrics together, stitched everything up, and made it tailored not only to herself, but true to life to Akali’s design.

She even designed Akali’s signature Kana, using EVA foam so she can carry it around without too much hassle.

She added every detail to the weapon like she did the costume too, from the leather handle all the way down to the marks and blemishes on the battle-worn blade.

The cosplay is so good that even the official League of Legends account couldn’t help but react. Sweet Angel got a retweet on the cosplay from the near five million follower account, and they don’t hand those out lightly.

As for her next cosplay, Sweet Angel hasn’t revealed her plans just yet. However, she’s got a few more shoots on the way, and if they’re anything like this Akali cosplay, they’ll be worth a gander.