Apex Legends cosplayer drops jaws as a pistol-wielding Loba

Theo Salaun
loba aquarelled apex legends cosplay

A stylish, flirtatious, luxury thief, Loba Andrade is obviously one of cosplayers’ favorite Apex Legends characters. A fact easily justified by Diana Aleshina, who recreated the chic cat burglar’s look.

[jwplayer MDxzN19r]

At nine years old, Loba saw her parents get murdered by a shadowy, spooky hitman. That led to her needing to fend for herself, pickpocketing a way toward luxury and, eventually, toward entry into Apex Legends as a “High Society Thief.”

Clothed in a sophisticated, all-white ensemble, with touches of gold bracelets and fingerless gloves, the fashion-forward character rocks braided red locks as comfortably as she wields her pistol and staff. 

Unsurprisingly, the entire aesthetic, down to splashes of red makeup surrounding her eyes, has been a hit with cosplayers. And Aleshina, who goes by ‘aquarelled’ on Instagram, has put her own spin on the look, while maintaining the essentials.


While some of the pieces of clothing or props might not be identical to Loba’s in-game gear, the overall sentiment rings strongly through. A white, low-cut tank top replaces the Legend’s low-cut, modified corset. An unzipped leather jacket replaces Loba’s feathered, miniature jacket. And a simple black choker replaces the luxury thief’s golden choker.

But she’s got got red eye makeup, a vibrant red braid, and appears very, very ready to make use of her brandished pistol and staff.

And although visibly obvious, aquarelled reaffirms that she shares a certain kinship with the Legend by quoting Loba in her caption: “‘I know what I like…and I know how to get it.’ It’s absolutely my character.”


Outside of cosplay, Aleshina appears less hell-bent on revenge as Loba, but equally multifaceted in her interests. Her Instagram bio maintains that she is a permanent artist, a singer, a comics girl, an anime lover, and a “bootybuilder.”

While one can’t be sure that Loba has ever had time for comics or anime, a number of those other preoccupations most certainly fit her character and, as such, it is no surprise that Aleshina had such a comfortable time recreating her look. 

As of yet, there has been no word on if the cosplayer will bring her talents to some of Loba’s unique legendary skins. But one can assume that if she sees a look that she likes, she will get it.

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