Naruto cosplayer explodes into action as creepily accurate Deidara

Studio Pierrot / leiracosplay Instagram

One of the most disturbing members in Akatsuki’s ranks, Deidara, was tastefully recreated with a gender-bent cosplay of the young assassin from Naruto.

While Naruto and the rest of Team 7 are some of the most popular characters for the anime/manga community to cosplay, there’s no denying the draw that the Akatsuki have on fans of the show.

If they aren’t decorated in the standard outfit of a chunin, cosplayers and fans can be regularly seen donning the red and black cover-all cloaks of the Akatsuki, with its iconic clouds draped throughout.

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Studio Pierrot
Even though there are many iconic members in the Akatsuki, Deidara stands out for a lot of fans.

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The giant robe is one of the essential parts of ‘leiracosplay’s design for Deidara, the other being one of the S-Rank ninja’s most noticeable traits- gaping mouths that are located on either of the character’s palms.

Deidara’s extra mouths weren’t just for inducing nightmares: the former Explosion Corps. member would use the mouth to create the chakra-infused clay that would let him generate enormous blasts.

In Leira’s cosplay, however, they’re used for both accuracy of the cosplay and to appropriately creep out anyone who comes across the design.

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“Such a cool, yet slightly creepy cosplay of a character I loved to hate!!!” a fan said of her post.

But if it wasn’t for Deidara’s trait that sorely stands out from the rest of the character, his most noticeable feature would certainly be the long, blonde hair they possess.

Leira can be seen with bright blonde hair that’s propped up like the Akatsuki’s ponytail while having a large bang overflowing from their ninja headband.

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leiracosplays Instagram
Leiracosplays has given her take on various Akatsuki members like Itachi Uchiha.

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The costume is one of many Akatsuki members that the cosplayer has redone in her style. Previously, she’s given her take on notable members Pain, Konan, and even disgruntled older brother of Sasuke, Itachi Uchiha.

Of the Naruto universe, one of her best transformations has to be when she dressed up as Orochimaru, the nefarious mastermind behind the scenes of various plot points from the story.

leiracosplays Instagram
Leira was able to pull off a stunning Orochimaru cosplay.

Though leiracosplay’s Deidara design will stick in the minds of her fans for a mouthful of reasons, she’s proven to be an expert with the palette to recreate her favorite characters.

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