My Hero Academia cosplayer shows off explosive dark side turn for Bakugo

Studio Bones

My Hero Academia’s explosive hero Bakugo traditionally wears a slick green, black, and orange getup, but what if he strayed towards the darker side? Cosplayer Ovsyan_art gave us the answer. 

Bakugo might be known as Deku’s rival in My Hero Academia, but he’s been kidnapped before by the League of Villians in an effort to eventually turn him evil.

And what better way to denote this in the anime and manga than a costume switch to darker colors? This change could take away the bright greens and oranges and switching to a more “evil” red and black.

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Bakugo’s fiery personality means that he could have gone either way in becoming a hero or villain, something the League of Villians was looking to exploit.

Of course, all of this lands firmly in what-if territory, as Bakugo was rescued by the heroes in training of class 1A. This incident was the same one that All Might went on to lose his powers against One for All, as he defeated the villain and was able to imprison him, but not without completely burning out his abilities.

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The cosplay from Ovysan_art actually seems to depict a sort of action figure color variant, something that’s discernable through his somewhat unchanging expression and the plastic look of the cosplay.

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While color variants are something very popular in comic books, we think the red and black would actually suit a villainous turn more than say, a stealth suit or some other reason for the costume switch.

All of Bakugo’s equipment, including his Grenadier Bracers that store his nitroglycerin-like sweat, improvised grenades, and his “lethal” knee pads are fully represented in this cosplay.

Ovsyan_art also has cosplayed a number of other characters, including Ed from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and continues to produce brilliant works of photography mixed with his costumes.

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While time will tell if Bakugo ultimately chooses to be a hero and continue his quest for number one or turn down a darker path, it’s fun to imagine what he might look like if he chooses the latter.