My Hero Academia cosplayer breaks the sound barrier as Hizashi Yamada

Fuinmation: / Instagram: @son_kumori /

A My Hero Academia cosplayer shared their insanely detailed take on Hizashi Yamada, giving the U.A. High professor a voice that will be sure to split ears.

My Hero Academia continues to be a juggernaut in the anime world and is currently one of the most popular series airing as millions of fans have connected with its story about a school that trains teenagers with superpowers called “quirks.”

An incredible cosplayer has shared their take on one of the most iconic professors at the institution, Hizashi Yamada, and is sure to wow fans with the mind blowing true-to-life outfit.

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The larger than life character uses his voice quirk to give school announcements.

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Cosplayer broadcasts as Yamada

In the story, students are met with the immense voice of Hizashi Yamada upon arriving at U.A. High – the premier school for those with superpowers. Using his quirk, the over-the-top professor broadcasts announcements.

Cosplayer Gajda ‘son_kumori‘ Arnold shared his jaw dropping My Hero Academia outfit on social media, transforming into the character with perfect accuracy with a true-to-life photograph.

Yamada infamously sports yellow spiked hair that is blown back, thin eyebrows that curve up up at the ends, and his pointy facial hair, which the talented artist recreated with the faithful costume.

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Gajda shared more photos on his Instagram of the cosplay, giving us a full glimpse at his detailed outfit, from his headphones, to the black leather jacket with gold shoulder pads.  He also recreated the multi-directional speaker that the anime character wears around his neck.

In the show, the Pro Hero boasts a radio-presenter personality, and is always excited to get others amped up, which the talented artist perfectly portrays with his spot-on pose of the U.A. faculty member.

Yamada’s quirk is the ability to raise his voice to ear-bleeding levels, and the talented artist mimicked a scene of him using his power with special effects, which makes the character look like he jumped from right out of the animation.

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My Hero Academia originally released as a manga in July 2014, but found worldwide success with its anime adaptation in 2016 by Studio Bones, which propelled it to become a household name.

The popular series is currently in its fourth season which is being aired in simulcast for the first time, and can be watched on Funimation or Crunchyroll every Saturday.