My Hero Academia cosplayer makes leaps and bounds as Tsuyu Asui

Georgina Smith
Image of My Hero Academia character Tsuyu next to cosplayer cat_bat_cosplay

A talented cosplayer on Instagram has gone all out with her recreation of My Hero Academia’s Tsuyu Asui, in a stunning outfit that has garnered over 50,000 likes on the platform.

My Hero Academia is a hugely popular anime that hit screens in 2016, capturing the hearts of many with the fascinating and loveable cast of characters, each with their individual special abilities, or ‘Quirks’ as they’re known in the show.

Tsuyu Asui a.k.a Froppy became a hit among fans for her laid back personality but her straightforward and often hilarious lines. Her frog-like abilities give Tsuyu an adorable awkwardness that makes her even more entertaining to watch.

Froppy wearing her hero attire in My Hero Academia.
Froppy has become one of the most popular characters in the show.

Another reason for her entertainment value is her vibrant costume and green-tinged hair, which cosplayer cat_bat_cosplay has done a supreme job of recreating on Instagram.

She has matched Tsuyu’s hero costume down to the smallest detail, the bright green bodysuit layered beneath black panels with yellow lining down the arms and body on par with the original.

Her white satin gloves are oversized just like Tsuyu’s, even topped with the green buckles, just going to show the level of attention that has been paid to accurately recreating this classic look.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Froppy without the dark green tinted hair, and cat_bat_cosplay looks stunning with the quirky color, tying the outfit together perfectly from head to toe. She even has her bangs pulled to the middle to look just like the loveable anime character.

To top it off, her makeup looks immaculate, with a slight blush making the eyeshadow and rosy lip color pop, providing a lovely contrast between that and the bright green.

My Hero Academia fans loved the adorable recreation, and the posts have now well surpassed 50,000 likes, a testament to her skill and also Tsuyu’s popularity.