Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer shares true-to-life take on Azula

Brent Koepp
avatar azula cosplay

[jwplayer MDxzN19r]An Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer went viral after sharing her real-life take on Azula. The talented artist looks so much like the Fire Nation princess, it’s almost as if the character has burned her way out of the screen.

The Last Airbender originally made its debut on Nickelodeon back in 2oo6. The groundbreaking animation was a surprise hit for the network, and has continued to be a cultural phenomena a decade later.

Bringing the show’s most popular wicked villain to life, a cosplayer shared her insanely accurate costume of princess Azula. Her detailed outfit will be sure to leave fans of the series in awe.

azula in avatar the last airbender
The Fire Nation princess is one of the villains in The Last Airbender.

Avatar cosplayer goes viral as real life Azula

Azula is first introduced at the end of Season 1, but becomes a central figure in Book 2 and 3. The Fire Nation character is terrifyingly powerful, and is so strong her flames burn blue. She can also shoot lightning at her foes which can be deadly.

Despite being a villain, fans of the series can’t get enough of the wicked royalty, such as cosplayer ‘_tokyotitan_‘ who brought her to life. The talented artist shared her insanely accurate depiction on Instagram on September 21.

To show just how accurate the portrayal truly is, Touka posed as Azula next to a screenshot of her in the show. The artist even nails the princess’s facial expressions and mannerisms.


In another shot, the cosplayer gave fans a better look at her full costume while mirroring the character’s lightning bending pose. Tokyotitan meticulously created the firebender’s royal attire herself, accurately depicting her pointed shoulder armor with gold trimming.

Not only is her outfit full of little details, she also faithfully captures the Avatar character’s signature flowing brown hair, including the parted bangs that frame her face. Tying the whole piece together, Touka portrays Azula’s menacing stare by mimicking her arched eyebrows.


While the show originally ended in 2008, The Last Airbender has seen a massive explosion in popularity in 2020 after Netflix added it to its platform in April.

Those wanting to catch up can watch all three seasons now. The streaming service also has Avatar’s sequel spin-off The Legend of Korra, so fans can watch the whole franchise.