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My Hero Academia cosplayer hops into the fight as spectacular Froppy

Published: 17/May/2021 8:36 Updated: 17/May/2021 8:35

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Jazmine Leija has already left fans speechless with her incredible Demon Slayer and Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplays, and now she’s done it again as Froppy from My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia Season 5 is underway, and we’ve already seen some students from Class 1-A and 1-B test their mettle against each other in the Joint Training Arc. Tsuyu Asui, better known as Froppy, was one of those students, and without giving too much away, she was as impressive as ever.

In addition to her Quirk — “Frog” — which lets her do just about anything a frog can do, Froppy is remarkably intelligent. Combined with her analytical abilities, she’s cemented her place as one of the show’s most formidable aspiring heroes.


Froppy speaking in My Hero Academia
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Froppy may be shy but is one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia.

Jazmine Leija, an exceptionally gifted cosplayer with more than 6,000 followers on Instagram, decided to transform into the beloved hero in one of her latest pieces. Aside from being a fan of the show and the character, Jazmine also revealed that green is her favorite color. So, it was a match made in heaven.

This piece was a team effort too; Jazmine borrowed the costume from her friend and fellow cosplayer, Amy Gio. It has all the important details, from the green, black, and yellow bodysuit with tan gloves, straps, belt, and goggles on her head, to the iconic dark green hair.


She teamed up with Photography By Raul, who captured the shots perfectly. But in the end, Jazmine played the main role: she wore the outfit to perfection and brought Froppy to life with her magic and charm.

It’s always nice to see My Hero Academia characters come to life, especially when they’re done as well as this. Jazmine’s fan’s commended her for “absolutely nailing” the cosplay, describing it as “amazing.”

And the best part is, it’s one of many brilliant pieces in her gallery. We can’t wait to see what the My Hero Academia cosplayer has in store next!