My Hero Academia cosplayer spreads wings as No. 2 pro hero Hawks

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My Hero Academia Hawks Cosplay
Instagram: @mollory / Viz Media

Keigo Takami, better known as Hawks, has been getting more screentime in My Hero Academia Season 5, and a talented cosplayer marked the occasion with a brilliant take on the No. 2 Pro Hero.

My Hero Academia fans gravitated towards Hawks ever since he was first introduced in Episode 87. Since then, he’s been getting more screentime as the story progresses and has already become a fan favorite.

Known for his laid-back personality, high intelligence, and disdain for social status and recognition, Hawks can fly using his Quirk, Fierce Wings, which grants him large red feathery wings on his back.

However, that’s only the beginning of his potential.

He can also control individual feathers with his mind and, coupled with their exceptional strength, speed, and sharpness, use them as weapons.

My Hero Academia Hawks Cosplay
Viz Media
Hawks is one of the strongest Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia.

Mollory, a cosplayer from New Zealand, stunningly re-created the hero. The outfit included everything from the blonde hair and yellow-tinged visor to the black shirt, boots, and gloves mixed with the tan pants and jacket.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the pair of bright wings protruding from the back of the jacket, which look like the real deal.

“Getting to finally wear my finished Hawks cosplay yesterday at @overloadnz was a dream come true!” wrote Mollory. “I’ve been working on this for so long, and I was so, so grateful for all of the kind words and support yesterday!”

They went on to say that Hawks is one of their “all-time favorite characters” and that “bringing him to life [felt] surreal.”


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It’s always nice to see fans create fantastic cosplays, but it’s even better when the character also happens to be a personal favorite.

Mallory’s followers described it as “amazing” and “incredible” in the comments, and we’re inclined to agree. It’s only a matter of time before hundreds of likes quickly become thousands, we’re sure of it.

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