My Hero Academia cosplayer defies gravity as perfect Ochako Uraraka

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My Hero Academia cosplayer defies gravity as Ochako Uraraka
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Ochako Uraraka is one of the most likable and talented students in My Hero Academia, and a cosplayer named ChameLeahn has done a fantastic job of bringing her to life in the real world.

It’s impossible not to love Ochako Uraraka. She’s bright, bubbly, and one of the most cheerful characters in the show. However, despite being described as “the most laid back girl” in U.A. High School’s Class 1-A, she’s a formidable aspiring hero with lots to prove.

Her Quirk, Zero Gravity, is also incredibly cool. It gives her the power to nullify the effects of gravity on solid targets by touching them, which causes them to become weightless and float. It’s a versatile tool that has come in clutch time and time again, and it can be a powerful weapon.

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Ochako is one of the beloved characters in My Hero Academia.

Ochako’s hero costume looks fantastic too. It includes a black bodysuit with a pink design running down the middle, two black circles on her chest, a black rectangle below her waist, and a choker necklace.

It also comes with two wrist guards, a pair of large rounded knee-high boots, a belt, and an astronaut-themed helmet with a tinted visor. They’re all pink-colored and seamlessly tie into the rest of her costume.

A cosplayer named ChameLeahn did her best to re-create it, and it turned out great. “This was the Uravity pic that started my social media journey and all the anxiety that came with it,” she said.


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The piece is perfect from head to toe. It has all the accessories and details, minus the helmet, and she wears it well.

She followed it up with a second shot that gives fans a better look at the hair and make-up, as well as the wristguards and choker. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Ochako cosplay without the iconic blushed cheeks.


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A post shared by Leah (ChameLeahn!) (@chameleahncos)

Between the two images, ChameLeahn has pulled more than 3,000 likes, which is insane. She also has another photo that performed equally well too.

Fans complimented her for doing “such a great job.” They described it as incredible, fascinating, and flawless, and their praise is right on the money.

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