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My Hero Academia cosplayer floats into action as Ochako Uruaraka

Published: 3/Jun/2020 11:23

by Matt Porter


A My Hero Academia cosplayer has stolen the hearts of fans of the popular anime with her amazing take on the gravity-defying hero Ochako Uraraka.

My Hero Academia first started life as a manga back in 2014, but captured the imaginations of viewers worldwide upon its release as an anime, following the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young man born without any superpowers who inherits the legendary quirk known as One for All from his idol All Might.

Along the way, Deku meets a host of characters as he hones his skills at U.A. High School, and perhaps none of his classmates are as popular with fans of the series as Ochako Uraraka, a young woman who’s powers allow her to alter and defy gravity at will.


Uraraka is a favorite among fans due to her sweet personality.

Ururaka’s Zero Gravity quirk instantly makes her one of the more powerful students at U.A. High, able to make anything she touches weightless and even make herself float should she choose to. It’s not her abilities that endeared her to My Hero fans though, as her lovable and kind personality captured the hearts of many. While some become pro heroes to be famous or save people, Uravity’s goal is simple provide a better life for her parents.

Cosplayer ‘rosemarymaiden‘ is clearly a massive fan of the character, showing off a near-perfect recreation of the character. Rose looks just like Uraraka, complete with her pink and black bodysuit, and her classic pink arm gauntlets that are able to shoot grappling hooks in later seasons.


My Hero Academia continues to be a smash hit around the world, as viewers continue to tune-in in their droves to watch the story of Izuku Midoriya and his classmates as they become pro heroes, and take on the evil League of Villains.

The fourth series of the popular anime came to a dramatic conclusion in April 2020, but fans will need to be patient for the next chapter, with no release date for a fifth season confirmed.