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Darling in the Franxx cosplayer shows off Zero Two’s sweet tooth

Published: 2/Jun/2020 21:53

by Virginia Glaze


Darling in the Franxx captured the hearts and minds of anime-lovers the world over in 2018 — especially thanks to its mascot character, Zero Two, who has since become an icon in the genre due to her unique design.

Sci-fi anime series Darling in the Franxx made its debut in 2018, following the story of main characters Hiro and Zero Two, a human boy human-klaxo sapien, respectively.

Throughout the series, Zero Two becomes enamored with Hiro and her character traits begin to shine, which include her overt love for sweets and cheerful personality.

Despite being reviled as a “monster” due to her unique parentage, Zero Two finds companionship with Hiro, while at the same time becoming a favorite among fans.


Designed with the intent of being the show’s titular mascot, it comes as little surprise that this character has been shown love from multiple cosplayers, including talented costumer and aerialist performer ‘effie.marie,’ who showed off her take on the klaxo sapien hybrid via Instagram in early June.

CloverWorks / Studio Trigger
Zero Two is the deuteragonist of sci-fi anime series Darling in the Franxx, and was designed as the show’s mascot character.

Capitalizing on Zero Two’s massive sweet tooth, Effie posed in the character’s signature red jumpsuit, complete with a pink wig, red eyeliner, and devil horn headband with a lollipop in hand.

Considering the many details on Zero Two’s official jumpsuit, Effie’s costuming skills stand as a testament to her talents, emblazoning her white stripes, gold armband, and other accents on the material for a picture-perfect cosplay that seems ripped directly from the anime.


Citing Darling in the Franxx as one of her “favorite newer animes,” Effie explained that she couldn’t wait to put on the outfit and share her love for the iconic anime protagonist once more.

That’s not all; aside from Zero Two’s eye-catching Pistil suit, Effie also crafted a version of her military uniform, consisting of a red overcoat and white boots. Although simple, it certainly stands out from the crowd — just like the character it belongs to.

Although over two years old, Zero Two continues to reign as an incredibly stand out anime character in the genre, as evidenced by the many cosplays fans create of her to this day — Effie being the latest standout example.