League of Legends cosplayer turns on the charm as jaw-dropping Ahri

Isaac McIntyre
Instagram: monii.bagel / Riot Games

A League of Legends cosplayer has totally charmed the internet with her jaw-dropping Ahri costume. The talented model’s stunning Nine-Tailed Fox cosplay is totally worthy of getting all the way to Challenger!

League of Legends has plenty of famous characters, but none have captured the fandom’s imagination quite like vastayan sorceress Ahri. Ever since her release in 2011, Ahri has been the MOBA’s unofficial cover girl.

The mid laner is one of the most popular picks for any cosplayer, and for good reason; the nine-tailed fox spellcaster boasts a whopping 13 skins in the world’s most popular MOBA.

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Ahri cosplay charms LoL fans

Cosplayer and aspiring Twitch streamer monii.bagel decided to go a little old school with her stunning cosplay, however. She unveiled her take on the original Ahri skin, which has been a staple for the character since release.

The costume itself was bright red ⁠— just like Ahri’s ⁠— with white fashion trim. Monii also had a thin gold and blue belt to keep the costume together. The cosplayer also donned a pair of black vastayan ears, and painted on the Ahri whiskers.

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Ahri has become the unofficial League of Legends cover champion since her 2011 release.Riot Games / Sevenbees, DeviantArt
Ahri has become the unofficial League of Legends cover champion since her 2011 release.

The final pieces of the cosplay puzzle were Monii’s makeup. She had put in piercing yellow contacts to capture Ahri’s charming stare, and her long wig fit perfectly. All that was missing was an “Orb of Deception,” which Ahri uses in battle.

“I really, really love the arms and sleeves,” Monii admitted to Dexerto after she posted the Ahri cosplay on Instagram. “They really complete the Ahri outfit, and look so great. They make me feel really magical!”

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“Magical” Ahri cosplay Monii’s labor of love

Monii’s a self-confessed League of Legends addict; she’s been playing the game for “nearly a decade now,” though she still “really sucks” at Ahri, the cosplayer added with a laugh. “I used to play her a lot back in 2012-2014, but I was never really good at her LOL!”

“I love her design and story a lot though,” she added. “I see her as a really tragic character.”

Perhaps Monii’s hottest take was why she plays League of Legends too: “It relaxes me a lot, surprisingly.” With plenty of League of Legends fans among the Dexerto writing group, we can definitely confirm Monii is a rare case there!

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Can’t get enough of Monii’s stunning Ahri cosplay? Good news then; she’s already got a few more League of Legends cosplay costumes planned. “I’m hoping to do Katarina, Soraka, and Diana eventually as well,” she revealed to Dexerto.

Monii isn’t the only League cosplay we’ve featured recently either. Earlier this week, Paperwings conjured up a magical take on mid powerhouse Syndra, and back in July cosplayer Elise Amai unveiled her K/DA Ahri cosplay too.

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