League of Legends cosplay basks in the majesty of Lunar Empress Lux

Alan Bernal

The League of Legends community constantly creates some of the most impeccable cosplays for the MOBA’s various characters, but none are as immaculate as this rendition of Lunar Empress Lux.

There’s no shortage of champions in Riot Games’s popular title for cosplayers to recreate, and the possibilities only multiply when considering the amount of alternate skins the company produces for the more popular entries.

One such champ is the Lady of Luminosity, who has over 20 variations to her base design if you count all of the chromas for Lunar Empress and the different forms for the Elementalist set.

There’s a lot of elements that goes into recreating Lunar Empress Lux.

Needless to say, there’s dozens of ways to make a good cosplay for Lux, but designer ‘Wanderlustluca’ put together an incredible costume for the Lunar Empress that is immaculate in its presentation.

Capturing the stoic charm of the demigoddess, Wanderlustluca stayed true to the original design with the slight exception of her wings.

Dismissing this detail,  the cosplayer truly looks the part. She remade the dark green/blue tunic from the game along with all of the intricate markings that run down the dress.

A close up of Wanderlustluca’s cosplay design for Lux.

Viewers can tell that meticulous design work was incorporated into the outfit, especially for the decorative brooch atop Lux’s snowy white hair.

Though that level of attention extends from head to toe, since the gold trim of the Lunar Empress can be seen throughout Wanderlustluca’s outfit – most notably the golden emblem depicting an animal at the center of the cosplay.

The cosplayer spared no expense when adorning herself to the many bracelets and charms the Lux skin features, like the gold wrist guard on the left hand.

Wanderlustluca full Lunar Empress Lux cosplay.

In its 10 years of life, League of Legends has inspired many designs from cosplayers across the net. From Sneaky’s famous takes on Caitlyn to diabolical Jinx renditions from other fans, costumers get pretty creative with their respective craft.

Fans would be hard-pressed to find a champion that hasn’t been given a cosplay, but even then, someone would likely come along to fill in the gaps just as fast.

Needless to say, the art form truly makes a League of Legends character shine when it’s done as expertly as Wanderlustluca’s Lunar Empress Lux cosplay.

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