Fierce Ashe cosplay proves the Overwatch hero shouldn’t be underestimated

David Purcell
Ashe in original Overwatch skin

Overwatch cosplays continue to spread like wildfire in the online gaming community and another from Ashe, inspired by one of the character’s unique skins, is blowing fans away.

While Blizzard Entertainment might never have been able to predict just how popular its characters would become when the game first released, in turn, nobody could have predicted how creative its community would soon become, either, with fans creating some insane artwork, costumes, and more inspired by their favorites.

Cosplayers are going above and beyond for each hero, too, and an unbelievable recreation of Ashe’s original skin has been revealed for people to see.

Ashe Warlock skin
Ashe has taken up many different forms in Overwatch so far, just like this Warlock skin.

For those who don’t know, Ashe is the leader of the Deadlock Gang, and a damage hero in the multiplayer game. Her original look, which includes a black jacket, pants and a hat, is certainly among the most liked in the community.

As seen in a post to the cosplay subreddit, Reddit user elizabethramen has been receiving compliments from hundreds of people for pulling off the look.

The post has been upvoted over 700 times at the time of writing, after being uploaded on January 29. Elizabeth Ramen also shares a number of her other cosplay designs to Instagram, but this one inspired by Overwatch is right up there with her best work yet – for sure.

The attention to detail is clear, with a gold edging to different elements of the outfit, including the boots shoulder pads and customized weapon – which is a really nice touch.

It’s not the only Ashe cosplay that we’ve seen in recent times, though, with other cosplayers deciding to stick with blonde haired original skin too, although there are other variants where she pulls off a brunette style instead.

Ramen has also confirmed that she’s working on a new outfit inspired by Ashe’s Warlock skin, although it’s unclear as to when that will be ready. Based on the reaction from this cosplay, many will be hoping sooner, the better.

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