League cosplayer brings dreams to life as amazing Spirit Blossom Lillia

Andrew Amos
Spirit Blossom Lillia side-by-side with cosplayer anaelic

League of Legends cosplayer ‘anaelic’ has taken players by storm with an enchanting Spirit Blossom Lillia, bringing the Bashful Bloom to the real world ⁠— including the four legs.

Lillia might have only recently arrived onto Summoner’s Rift, but League of Legends fans have already fallen in love with the Bashful Bloom. She was whipped into a lore whirlwind on release with the Spirit Bonds event, where fans got to know the new champion a little bit better.

Her design has also inspired many cosplayers. However, none are yet to take on Lillia quite as impressively as Scottish cosplayer anaelic.

Spirit Blossom Lillia in LoL
Lillia might be a centaur, but that hasn’t stopped anaelic from taking the project on.

She decided to pick up the League of Legends champion as her next project shortly after her release, and has been working on a full head-to-toe cosplay ⁠— or should we say, head-to-hoof.

Right now, anaelic has finished the more ‘human’ elements of Spirit Blossom Lillia. This includes her ornamental dress, which is a mix of fabrics tied off with a neat ribbon. On top of that, she’s 3D-printed Lillia’s horns, holding them together with a flower on her head.

The costume is still a work in process for the Scottish cosplayer though. She still intends on getting ears and a wig, and she is even going to go the extra mile to create Lillia’s censor. After all, anaelic wants this to be her “biggest cosplay yet.”

“I’m making good progress with this cosplay so far, and I’m nearly finished all of the sewing parts. I ordered some more materials this week and I am very excited because I have some really cool plans for how to make some certain aspects of it,” she told fans on Instagram.

This progress includes Lillia’s centaur body ⁠— which anaelic is designing from scratch, with a bit of inspiration from Ginny Di’s Centaur of Attention book. She hasn’t quite finalized that section yet, but it’s on its way.

“Am I making the centaur body?! The answer is yes! I’ll be following Ginni Di’s amazing method in her Centaur of Attention book, so I’ll be referring to that a lot in this build,” she added.

That’s pretty impressive considering she’s coming off the back of an incredible Dragonslayer Diana cosplay, where she donned herself head to toe with armor, and handcrafted Diana’s sickle too.

If you want to catch the final version of anaelic’s Spirit Blossom Lillia cosplay, be sure to check out her Instagram page. If this is only the beginning of it, imagine how it’s going to look by the time it’s finished!