League of Legends cosplayer charms fans as Spirit Blossom Ahri

. 2 years ago
shiroki and spirit blossom ahri
Shiroki, Instagram / Riot Games

Spanish cosplayer Shiroki left League of Legends fans in awe after sharing her impressive attempt at recreating Ahri’s new Spirit Blossom skin.

With over 150 champions in League of Legends and even more now confirmed ahead of Season 11, there is plenty of choice for cosplayers that are looking to recreate their favorite characters.

Although Ahri is one of the fan-favorite champions and is often a top pick for cosplayers, Shiroki still managed to impress fans with her take on Ahri’s latest ‘Spirit Blossom’ skin.

Ahri from league of legends
Riot Games
Ahri is one of the most cosplayed champions in League of Legends.

The Nine-Tailed Fox received a brand new look for Riot’s narrative-driven Spirit Blossom event, which started in July, and Shiroki wasted no time in recreating Ahri’s new style.

After creating the mid-lane mage’s unique outfit, the popular cosplayer shared her attempt with her followers and League of Legends fans on Instagram, where she was met with tons of praise for her efforts.

Many fans pointed out Shiroki’s incredible attention to detail, as she perfectly mirrored Ahri’s new skin, even matching her unusual hairstyle and tail in her cosplay.

The cosplayer shared a few different photos to Instagram but perhaps one of the most impressive in the collection was her recreation of the Ahri’s Spirit Blossom splash art, which can be seen in-game.

Shiroki even found a waterfall with a small pool and forestry background for her photoshoot, similar to the one seen in Ahri’s League of Legends skin artwork.

This is not the first League of Legends champion that Shiroki has recreated, having previously shared her cosplay attempts on Miss Fortune, Xayah, and more with her fans.

While Ahri is one of the most popular champions, she has not been seen as a viable pick in the meta for quite a while, but following recent buffs, this cosplay might inspire some League of Legends players to try her out again.

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